Winter storm

Two winters ago, we had one of the coldest winter seasons I’ve ever experienced in my life. Maybe it was just that the heat was going in my car, or that the ice in my driveway made me think the situation was worse than it really was. But I really don’t think I was exaggerating. The temperatures spoke for themselves. It was so cold that some of the main power lines in our town froze, so we were without power for the night. And boy, did we miss the heat from our HVAC system. You really take things for granted when you have them every day. As soon as our heat source was gone, we pulled out all the blankets, candles, and hand warmers we could find. We huddled up together near the fireplace and kept adding wood to stay warm, but it seemed like way too much work with very little reward. And to think, people used to live this way when there was no such thing as an HVAC system. The amount of work that heating system does to keep our house warm every cold winter night is absolutely astonishing. I can’t imagine life without it. The next day, after the power was restored, the furnace came on again. That noise was the most beautiful noise I’d heard all night. To feel that heat on our skin in the midst of the chilling storm was like heaven on Earth. We all just sat near the vents in our rooms until we were completely thawed out. We all rejoiced in our blanket-free lives once again!