NO HVAC at the gym

When I was a kid I loved playing all sports. I would play anything that my friends were playing, plus I was pretty wonderful at just about anything that I tried. I was athletic back then, and I really enjoyed being active! Now that I’m older, I don’t participate in athletic events quite as much. I do try to stay fit by going to the gym a few times a week. However it’s not as intense as it used to be. Now, I have to be in an air-conditioned space to get anything done. If my gym didn’t have a good ventilation and cooling system, I absolutely wouldn’t go there. Instead, I would attempt a workout in my spare home office where I could ride a stationary bike beneath an air vent or do a little bit of yoga. I used to play tennis outside in the heat, I would go jogging while in the middle of summer season, and, sometimes, I would even swim laps in the pool. Now, I’m particular and need to be in climate-controlled spaces. If there’s no cooling system, I’m not exercising! Occasionally I long for the days when I was more athletic, although I am making the most of my abilities now. As long as I continue to work out a few days per week, I suppose that I will stay in wonderful shape. I just want to maintain wonderful health at this point in life. I’m not interested in competing with people anymore. I can watch games on TV if I want to expose myself to that kind of thing. I just want to maintain my weight, keep my heart healthy, and stay mobile.

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