Baseboard heating system

I currently are in a mountainous climate and cold winters are simply just something one must get used to living in. I used to think that winters were bearable if you needed a good space heater and winter jacket. This past winter proved me wrong. I rented a apartment with drafty windows equipped with an electric baseboard heating. In certain ways I like baseboard heat more than oil heat, but for quite possibly the most part it is too downright costly. I keep the thermostat inside my apartment on a low temperature setting. During the first chilly month this past fall, I received an energy bill that was five times the amount of my typical spring and summer energy bill! In addition for a costly electric bill, the thermostat will constantly reset itself to proper heat settings. I discussed the temperature issue to my friend and she suggested to cover my apartment windows by using plastic. I was hopeful that it would help regulate the temperature inside my apartment. Unfortunately it has not improved the heating situation within my apartment. I find myself having a daily struggle of being cold and wasting energy by keeping heat on within a drafty apartment with an older HVAC unit. The baseboard heaters are merely present on a few walls within the apartment. I now find bitter winter days unbearable, as I stay cold in my apartment and am cold any time I step outside. I now hold value in a very well-serviced furnace, a well-insulated constructing structure, and a warm place through the winter! I find that a well-maintained HVAC unit at my home makes all the difference around my attitude and everyday life in the winter months. Having a cold apartment makes everyday tasks like taking a shower and washing dishes more dreadful in chilled temperatures. There have been many times that I wake up because of the cold! Just to think if there was a better building structure and an HVAC unit, it might have made all the difference in my outlook on winter! Right off the bat I will check when renting my next apartment if the building is insulated, the building furnace, and HVAC unit. I will gladly pay more each and every month for an efficient heating service and furnace!

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