Both kids love the AC

Despite what many people think, twins will not be always the same. Often times beneath the skin even identical twins can be extremely different people. I have the identical twin brother, and other than our looks we couldn’t possibly a little more different. He is a rigorous vegetarian, and I am extremely heavy into hunting and eating meat. He likes classical popular music, I am into heavy metal and rap music. He really loves track and field, I am far more into full contact, high impact on sports, and so on and etc …The one way we are really quite similar has been our body temperatures, we both was really hot people, and always needed lots of air conditioning to stay comfortable. We had our own bedrooms growing up, but ended up sharing a space so our parents would put in a window mounted AC unit in addition to keep that room the coldest inside our home.  As much as both of us hated sharing a room, with both needing that cooling system just so we were able to sleep through the night. Today we live far apart, but we still talk every so often, and we both still have a driving need for constant air conditioners. He recently told me of a new smart thermostat he fitted for his home cooling system, that he could activate along with voice commands. I talked with my local HVAC dealer and was told it doesn’t exist yet, so I think my brother just wants to make me jealous about his air conditioner.

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