Enjoying the window cooling

My daughter just turned fourteen years old, and she spends all her time in her bedroom. Most of the time, she is on her laptop or computer, watching music videos with the woman’s earbuds in. We can hear her almost all day, belting out probably her favorite tunes, oblivious to the fact that there is anyone else in the house. Last year, we realized that her room became quite warm towards the middle of the day, even with the central HVAC system on. We eventually made a decision to purchase a window air conditioner and keep her room cooler, since she is in there on a regular basis. My husband purchased the air conditioner in addition to installing it the same day. Almost immediately, you could have the temperature change in the room or space, and it became much less hot than before. Before this, my daughter would occasionally emerge from her room to cool off a bit in the course of the day, but now we never see her at all. I am beginning to believe that the purchase of this window air conditioning system appeared to be a bad idea. I have to force her into coming out of her room to spend a little while with the family. The whole time, she is grumpy because she just wants to go back in her room to listen to music, or chat with one of her friends on Facetime. I am glad that my daughter has the capacity to stay cool with her new window air conditioner, but I wish she wanted to spend more time with our family once in awhile.

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