Lot of damaged air ducts

A couple of days ago, a huge storm came through our area.  Since we watched the news, my wife and I were really prepared for the storm, because every one of us were notified days ahead of time. The storm had taking the form of a hurricane, and it was coming our direction in just three days! Of course, we were really prepared for all of the wind and the rain, but it actually ended up being much worse than anyone had anticipated! By the time that the storm had finally subsided, we had a tree in the dining room. Of course, we had lost our power, and now,  half of our roof was missing. When the wind and rain had died down, we were able to start looking at all of the damage that there was so that we could assess the situation. The storm had damaged part of our roof, as well as some of the ductwork in our attic. We had to get up in the attic to look at all of the damage, and my wife and I found a lot of damaged A/C ductwork.  Since there were so many items to clean up at our home, we decided to go ahead and   contact a heating & A/C business for help with the ducting problems. The A/C company was extremely busy, requiring us to wait three full days for the provider to visit our home. When the HVAC business looked at all of our ducting problems, he commented that it was a fortunate thing that we had called. There was a lot of missing ductwork and the HVAC system would need some drastic repairs. The A/C business was seriously busy, but they took the time to make sure that our attic and ductwork were fixed and free from debris and any problems.

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