Quality HVAC repairs

       The benefits of HVAC maintenance is really understated. I could never grasp how a person thinks a machine can run forever without being cleaned, checked and parts changed out on occasion. Do you go to the doctor yearly? Would you not need food and oxygen to survive? Machines, cars and other appliances are hardly different from the body!

          I recently sent my HVAC technician four-man team into a local factory. They seemed to be having some serious problems with their heating and cooling functions and needed a comprehensive service. When I asked them when was the last time they had a service on their heating and cooling equipment, they responded, never. They this particular HVAC unit for over three years! I knew right then we had to send in a team, for it was going to be a big job.

         The first thing they did was check out the different air vents by stripping, cleaning and  changing out the air filter. That took them ages, with all of the build up on the vents. They could hardly get them off! Then they had to go deep into the duct work, which was completely spoilt! They were surprised to hear that we would be compelled to pull out all that was there and replace the whole duct work. It was disgusting. We had never seen anything worse.

        When they stopped to check out the unit itself, they noticed some uneven parts and asked the factory owner about it. Apparently, he had tried to do some repairs on his own, using cheap internet knock offs. Did this person learn his lesson!