Selling ac door to door

How bad must it have been to be a door to door salesman? Back in the day, before the internet when some homes didn’t even have an iPhone, the door to door salesman was a respectable task. It was the only way to reach every potential client, by knocking on their door and saying hello. Today the people I was with and I have “stranger danger” and all the people are terrified of people knocking on their door, but back then things were different… Regardless of the weather, you had to be out walking from house to house carrying your wares. As an online sale representative, I spend all day indoors, next to our personal A/C unit, and simply cannot imagine doing this task by walking around a village! Yesterday the temperature was over ninety degrees, but I stayed nice and cool all day because of our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. Imagine if I would have been out in this heat, separate from any cooling, dripping sweat and trying to convince people to buy our products. I doubt I would have easily numerous sales, even if I were selling Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems. One of our coworkers is an older lady, and she tells me stories about selling door to door to now doing it from the comfort of her climate controlled office and says she could never go back. I can hardly blame her because I feel that a comfortable work environment, including quality heating and cooling, is a requirement for doing a fine task. How could I focus on making sales if I was worried about a lack of proper air conditioning system?

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