They use the HVAC too much

Honestly I do love my in-laws, really, I do. But, if they can’t get a grip on their thermostat abuse soon, they are never going to be allowed to visit us again. I just don’t understand why they have this crazy need to always turn my thermostat up or down to whatever temperature suits their needs. It’s not their house, and as far as I know they don’t pay for the air conditioning or heating. So, why do they think that they can just turn it on or off when they feel like it? I told my hubby that he really needs to speak with them before they can come for any visit during the holidays. I just can’t be iced out in my own home any time of the day. He hates confrontation and really doesn’t want to talk to them about this problem. I asked him which he would prefer: living with me, or with them after we are divorced. Understandably, he called them up and had a conversation with them about it. He asked them if there was a reason they felt the need to turn the heat up high, and the next moment turn around and blast the air conditioning. They explained to him they will were really struggling with the physical reactions to their medicines. All this time I was so livid about what I thought was them being inconsiderate, instead it was just them struggling with their health. I felt incredibly horrible. My husband told me to move past it, and we remedied the situation on their behalf with a portable electric heater in addition to a window box air conditioner for their guest room. This way, there will always be one room where they can find comfort.

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