Wood burning fireplace

My husband and I went on a trip to the mountains. Both of us had not been skiing since being at a university, and we were looking forward to our week-long trip. All of us made reservations at the ski chalet, and our husband opted for an updated room. He chose a room that had its own hot tub inside, and an appealing stone fireplace in the home. The ski chalet room was appealing, and it was all so romantic. All of us spent our days skiing on the slopes, and spend our afternoons cuddled up in front of that fireplace. I love to hear the crackling of the fire, as the logs smoldered in the fireplace. My husband and I had a wonderful time skiing, but I loved having the fireplace in our room. By the time our trip was over, my husband and I were both convinced to buy a fireplace for our home. Since we could not add a wood fireplace, we opted for a much more modern electric fireplace. It still looks appealing in our room, and it makes the same crackling sounds. The fireplace is equipped with a heating element, so it functions as an actual heating device. My husband and I are ecstatic with the fireplace, and have even thought about adding a single to our office. My husband and I share an office in our basement, and all of us always complain about the dampness and cold in the basement, so this could be the perfect solution.