Wanted fans and not ac

Back when my roommate and I were looking for apartments, there was one thing that the two of us especially wanted – ceiling fans. It was really rather hard to find this feature, especially because the two of us first thought they were a set staple in every apartment. Being aware of how harshly high the temperatures climb in the warm season, it seems unusual that local complexes wouldn’t stock their units with as many cooling devices as possible, even if it does cost a little more money. It’s clearly a needed tool, but even when the A/C is on full blast, or even if it’s seriously cold outside and the two of us welcomed the warmth of the heater, I still enjoy having a ceiling fan on at night while I sleep. I don’t understand why or how, but I tend to get insanely warm while I’m asleep. Unless the air is cooled proposal to at least the low 70s and I have a fan on, I will always wake up hot, or with damp sheets that indicate I had been perspiring at some point during the night. I will never fully understand my body chemistry and why I’m only heated while I’m asleep. The only thing I know is I’m thrilled the two of us finally found an area that made sure their units contained fans in all of the living rooms. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever survived a night without such a tool.

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