Home Ownership and Appliance Purchasing

My husband and I decided to take a huge leap into purchasing a home. We have rented all of our lives having loved the security of being taken care of by a landlord. But, we felt the desire for more security and roots for our new baby. We had a fairly easy time of finding the home for us that suited all of our needs. The one downside was it needed all new appliances. My husband saw this as a positive since we could start fresh and know the life span of our appliances. First up, an HVAC system. This was a must as we live in a 4 season town with extreme heat and extreme cold at times. This was daunting figuring out the most cost-effective heating and cooling units for new home. My husband suggested we just call over to the local HVAC provider in town to get a full house assessment and devise a plan that best fitted our floor plan. They were very prompt in arriving in two days taking about two hours to go over the entire house. They suggested having just bought our home and going with a new product that we replace all the air vents and air filters that were left behind and rusted out. He then told us we were better to replace the ductwork as well as it showed great wear and tear. We started from scratch getting the basic central heating and cooling unit to start and would look at different features later down the road. Since it was all brand new, they threw in a great annual free maintenance program for two years. It was an investment of great proportions, but I am trying to see the long term benefits.

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Solar Farm Living Comparisons

I really have enjoyed living on our solar farm for the last year. It has been amazing to try so many new and innovative ideas when it comes to heating and cooling, as well as cooking and our laundry ways. It is fascinating how we could use solar energy for so many different appliances. This is the first time ever using a wood burning stove in the winter time. It was super hard to learn how to start a fire and keep it going at first, but as winter came to a close, I finally mastered it. I have to say, while I really enjoyed the opportunity, I do miss the easy nature of modern household appliances. When it’s cold in the winter morning, it is a pure luxury to just walk over to the thermostat and have heat in a matter of minutes throughout the entire house. The air vents are all spread out, so in an instant the entire house is heated, compared to a wood burning stove which filters the heat very slowly, if it even reaches all of the rooms. There is no big mess of ashes to contend with or constantly worrying over having enough wood in a storm. I must confess, there were a few times when I did cheat and use my portable electric heater in my room to start the day. I just couldn’t stop shivering to light the fire and needed a little warmth. The solar farm only has ceiling fans in the summer months, which really just rotates the hot air through the house. Again, the idea of just turning on the thermostat to the air conditioner and be done with it is so tempting. When all is said and done the finance piece comes out the same.

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AC failed and ruined cake

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a chef of any sort. I can get by making a few staples, but it’s my boyfriend who makes most of our meals. He’s essentially a gourmet chef at my disposal, taking orders and trying to make the most extravagant meals on a budget possible. He does such a good job taking care of me and I owe him. That’s how I decided to make him a cake last week, of course not realizing that our HVAC unit would squash my surprise long before my guy ever got a taste. It was a really hot summer day, so the air conditioning had been turned up on full blast since before the sun rose. I had all the supplies I needed to bake a gourmet chocolate cake at home, and quickly got to work, pausing a few times to adjust the thermostat even lower as the kitchen heated up. Everything went swimmingly, and my dessert turned out better than I could have expected when I noticed that it felt a little too warm in the house for the temperature I had programmed. I played with the thermostat again, but the air continued to feel warmer and warmer as the time ticked by. Eventually I started to get worried and called our local HVAC company, who asked me to go outside and check on the AC unit. As I was digging around near the central cooling system, the house apparently continued to rapidly heat up, because by the time I got back indoors my cake had melted.

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Husband wants studio space for instruments

I love my husband to death and I know I’m the luckiest woman in the world for being able to call him my own. Any girl would be jealous of how well he treats me, and I have few complaints. The one thing I can tell you is he has too many goddamn instruments, and that can drive me crazy at times. That’s why we’re trying to set up a special instrument studio for him in our new house, so he can keep his supplies neatly tucked away from the rest of our home. We’ve started by setting up a specially designed HVAC unit for him to create the perfect environment for his babies. First we called out the local heating and cooling specialist to examine our current HVAC set up and design a special add-on for his new space. We had them incorporate a special air conditioning unit which exclusively services his studio space, in order to provide enough AC for the room. They put in a special temperature control panel so that we can program the air conditioning separate from the rest of the house, and keep the studio at a precise temperature 24/7. We included several temperature monitoring devices all around the room to make sure the temp stays consistent in all corners, and so we can pick up on any minute fluctuations in the temperature over time. Now he’s constantly staring at his phone to watch for any deviations in the air quality, but his instruments are safe and sound, as well as neatly stored out of sight.

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In love with the HVAC technician

Two months ago I woke up in the middle of the night in a terrible sweat. I didn’t know what was going on because I am always chilly when I sleep no matter what the temperature of my HVAC system is set to. However, upon inspection by a local HVAC technician he told me that I needed to completely replace my HVAC unit. I was really upset at first until we spent more time together. We talked for hours when he was inspecting my HVAC unit and I immediately developed a crush on him. He told me that he was going to have to come out to my house every day for a month in order to insure that my heating and cooling system was working properly. I knew that I was going to enjoy spending more and more time with him. After about three weeks of seeing him every day my HVAC technician finally asked me out on a date. I was so excited for him to take me out and not be trapped inside my house while he was working. We went out to dinner and then saw a local band, it was a perfect evening and I really loved getting to know my HVAC technician a little bit better. He was really cute and I learned that he started his business from the ground up with the help of his two little brothers. They had been running the business all on their own for about six years. At least if this works out I will get free HVAC services for the rest of my life!

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Smoke with the A/C System

Recently, people in the western portion of our country have been battling smoke throughout their cities. In some parts, the smoke is so bad that people are barely able to go outside. I hate the smell of smoke, and I definitely would not want to get a mouthful of it every time I walk outside. A friend of mine is a really bad smoker, and I really hate when he smokes around me. One question that came up for people in the area is regarding their air conditioning system. People were wondering whether it would be safe for them to continue to run their A/C systems in the house. They were afraid that the air conditioning systems would bring in air from the outside and cause serious injury from the smoke. The question came up so frequently that a major air conditioning manufacturer wrote an article advising whether it was safe or not. To summarize their article, the air conditioning manufacturer assured people that using an air conditioning system in the house was perfectly safe. They advised that the air conditioning system would cycle in clean air, and it has a filtering system that would prevent much smoke from getting in the house. While they did note that there was a potential for some smoke to get into the house, they advised that the air conditioning system would eliminate a very high percentage of it. They also advised that window A/C units are better at keeping in clean air, but they also noted that the window units are not as good at being sealed from the outside. Ultimately, most people chose to keep their A/C units running.

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Air Conditioning Before the Hurricane

Right now, we are sitting in our living room enjoying the last little bit of time we have before the hurricane arrives near our city. Of course, the news has presented the storm as much more significant than it really is, and it has been wrong repeatedly about the course of the storm. Ultimately, we will be seeing some heavy rain and intense winds. The worst part about the storm is the inevitable loss of power. This is what we are waiting for currently and hoping to avoid. I have the air conditioning system turned as cold as I can get it in the house. My thought process is that keeping it extra cold will help make it more comfortable when the power does finally go out. Even if it keeps cool air in my house for a couple of hours longer, it would be worth it. Of course, the best scenario would be the power staying on and us staying cool throughout the storm. I don’t really care if trees are blowing over outside, as long as we have cold air conditioning flowing inside. We debated evacuating just because we did not want to be without power and air conditioning. Ultimately, we decided to stay because we did not want to clog the roads for the people who were in great danger than us. It would be very selfish to clog the road just for the purpose of us having a nice air-conditioned hotel room somewhere. We are all hoping and praying that the power and air conditioning continue to work for these next two days of stormy weather.

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