The early start of a/c

I am very much looking forward to my enormous family reunion this month. I am have it at my large farmhouse, so it will be a lot of working plus preparation to get ready for my huge family, but I am honestly excited for it. All of my siblings, their spouses and families, and a handful of cousins will be coming. At the last reunion there were about one hundred of us, and we are expecting more this year. They will all be staying in local hotels, however during the day both of us will all be at my sprawling country home. After the debacle at the last reunion, when my sibling’s lake house HVAC system stopped working, leaving all of us in 90 degree heat all day, I am taking all the necessary precautions. I already had a heating plus cooling repair company send out a worker. She went over my entire central cooling system from top to bottom plus wall to wall. She even had to crawl up into the attic to inspect all the ductworks that hadn’t been checked in a few years. With so many people inside my house, plus the doors being opened plus closed all day, it will put huge strain on the HVAC device so I need it in working condition. Also, there is the matter of air quality. Not a single person will be allowed to smoke in my house, however there are some smokers who will already stink of smoke, so I need the air filters to keep my apartment filled with fresh, pure filtered air.

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Solar power HVAC needs

I live on a solar powered farm. I did not ask for this. I began to rent a space on a friend’s property where he had many rentals. Later that same year, he went solar. It wasn’t as terrible as it sounds. It was pretty neat to see all that he could accomplish with solar usage from cooking to heating plus cooling devices. Both of us even had solar powered bathtubs! But, when the weather was not warm plus the sun went down fast, both of us would run out of energy. In the living room both of us had a wood burning stove for heat. I was not the largest fan of the fire building. It heated just fine for the most part, but I am typically pretty chilly most of the time. I secretly had a rolling portable electric heating system that I often took from room to room to heat the space I was sitting in. I just couldn’t rest being chilly plus the stove just didn’t generate enough heat. In the Summer months, I nearly died of the heat outside. The ceiling fans just weren’t going to keep me cool during those hot summer months. I finally told him I was planning to move, but he was stunned that I was that connected to my HVAC unit, although he didn’t want to lose me either. So, he advocated I get a single portable electric air conditioner for the window plus use it as needed. He finally understood that not pretty much everyone could be on board with his minimalist ways plus needed an HVAC system to cover their heating plus A/C needs.

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Partnering ventilator with furnace for a healthier home in the winter

I live in the northeastern part of the country, and we endure approximately eight months of horribly cold weather.  The temperature often drops below freezing, and can remain well below zero for weeks at a time.  It is not unusual to have several feet of snow on the ground, and the windchill makes it downright dangerous to spend time outside.  Because of this, we are trapped inside our homes for months on end.  We rely on our heating systems for both comfort and survival.  Because of the high cost of heating, it is important to prevent energy waste and reduce utility bills in every way possible.  Sealing up every crack and crevice creates a more energy efficient home.  It eliminates uncomfortable drafts and cold spots, but also prevents access to fresh air.  With the heating system running non stop, the home becomes terribly stale and stuffy.  The same dusty air is circulated continually, irritating allergy and asthma symptoms, causing respiratory infection, and leading to all sorts of health concerns.  While having the furnace professionally cleaned and serviced is helpful, it’s not enough.  To improve indoor air quality and trim energy costs, I have invested in a heat recovery ventilator.  It incorporated into the existing heating system, operates silently, and is low maintenance.  The ventilator is the equivalent of opening a window, without the energy losses. It brings in outside air and preheats it before introducing it into the home.  My house stays cleaner, fresher, and is far more comfortable.  The ventilator combats excessive humidity in the summer and overly dry air in the winter.

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Building a tiny house

For a couple of years, my husband and I dreamed about building a tiny house. We got the idea from some friends of ours who also built one, and we realized how much money they were saving by living in a smaller space. We thought that their plan was genius, and we sought to limit their lifestyle. We started on our tiny house a few months ago, and we have made significant progress. We will be done soon, and we are trying to decide what kind of air conditioner we want to use in the house. I am lobbying for a ductless mini split air conditioner because I know how efficient and affordable they are. These are much better than window unit air conditioners in my opinion because they are more attractive, and they make less noise. A tiny house isn’t big enough for a regular HVAC system, and I don’t think that a portable air conditioner would get the job done in the way that we need it to. A mini-split A/C is just what we need. That is the kind of cooling system that are friends use in their tiny house, and they have really enjoyed it so far. As soon as the house is done, we are going to end our lease at our apartment and move in. I can’t wait to downsize and have more money to spend on personal things. This living set up is all around perfect for us. I am so glad that we are finally able to make our dream of living in a tiny house come true.

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Special surprise for my wife

My wife was a little bit sad after our children all finally grew up and moved out. I always told her that they would always be able to come visit us whenever they wanted. It would all be just fine. One particular weekend, she was going on a business trip. I thought it would be nice if I set up a little surprise for her when she was away. I knew she was a huge fan of watching classic movies. I thought it would be great if I converted the guest bedroom into a mini movie theatre for the two of us. I invested in some very comfortable theatre seats and a high quality movie projector. I had everything set up just like a fancy classic theatre. I also had a zone controlled mini ductless HVAC system setup with a smart thermostat. This way the temperature in our theatre could be controlled separately from the rest of the house and without even touching the thermostat. We wouldn’t even have to get up to turn the temperature up or down. I know she likes it to be a little cool when she enjoys watching her movies. I even had one of those classic popcorn machines installed in the theatre. When she came home, she was so amazed! She loved everything about it, from the mini ductless HVAC system to the popcorn machine and the comfortable seats. She wanted to use it right away and we watched a couple of classic movies that very night. I was glad that I invested in that zone controlled HVAC system because I felt that it made the environment absolutely perfect! I thought it was nice for her to be able to not think so much about our kids moving out for once.

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Jammy Jam

My friends and I have been looking forward to doing something exciting. One of my friends suggested we have a pajama party! It actually sounded like a real good time. We would have music, dance, good food and drinks. Everyone would do their part to make this a huge success. Tina was going to handle the invites. Larry would be providing the music. Jessica was in charge of assigning everyone food to bring. I would be in charge of the decorations. On the day of the event, there was a big problem. The HVAC system inside the house stopped working altogether! I was really panicking, what awful timing! I immediately called my local HVAC company. They were first telling me that they could fix it the following day, but I needed this done immediately! I explained my situation and how we were having a huge get together. The HVAC professional was very understanding and said he would try his best to get a technician out that same day. I thought this would all work out as long as he arrived and was able to fix everything before 7pm. At around 3pm, the HVAC technician was at my door. I immediately showed him the heating and cooling system. He was actually able to discover the problem fairly quickly. He said he would have this fixed within the hour. Only about 30 minutes went by when he told me to fire up the system. I did, and it worked like a dream! I was so happy, as this meant our pajama party would be perfect! It certainly was a great time that evening. A lot of people showed up and we had a blast just dancing, eating, and drinking in our pajamas!

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Investing in air conditioner and dehumidifier because of fear of dust mites

I suffer from severe allergies, and I really hate dust mites.  I’ve done my research, and dust mites are everywhere.  Although these creatures are too small to see, I know that they are all over my house.  They live in carpets, furniture, mattresses and pillows.  They feed on dead skin cells and multiply.  Despite constant cleaning, vacuuming and laundering, there is no way to entirely eliminate them.  I refuse, however, to create a welcoming habitat for them. Dust mites thrive in hot and humid environments.  Because of this, I have installed central cooling in my house.  I run the air conditioner for the majority of the year, and keep the thermostat set to a very low temperature.  I make sure to replace the air filter every six weeks to optimize filtration.  While the air conditioner maintains a cool indoor environment, it is not designed to combat humidity.  Excessive moisture is wonderful for dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria.  To achieve ideal relative humidity levels, I’ve also invested in a whole-home dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier installed right into the air handler of the cooling system.  It extracts excess moisture from the air, creating a more comfortable and healthy home.  Operating the dehumidifier gets rid of that sticky feeling and allows me to raise the thermostat setting a bit.  This saves me money on my monthly electric bills.  Even though I have taken all of these preventative measures, I still worry about the dust mite population in my home.  I am now considering adding an air purifier to my HVAC system.  The air purifier would run all year long, whether I’m heating or cooling my house, and filter out dust mites and other contaminants.   

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Living down south I need air conditioning and a dehumidifier

Living down south, air conditioning is not an option.  For approximately nine months of the year, I rely on my cooling system to combat the intense heat.  It is not unusual for the outside temperatures to climb into the triple digits, and it rarely cools off at night.  Opening the windows does nothing but allow hot, humid air into the house.  Running box fans does nothing but blow the hot air around.  In order to create a comfortable indoor environment, air conditioning is absolutely necessary.   It is the only way to be productive during the day, get a good sleep at night, and relax on the weekends.  Unfortunately, air conditioning is not sufficient to combat the outrageous humidity.  Air conditioners are designed to extract heat from the air and create a cooling effect.  This does not significantly reduce the abundance of moisture in the air.  Humidity not only makes the air feel warmer and sticky, but also encourages the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites. It negatively impacts indoor air quality and often leads to aggravated asthma and allergy symptoms.  I have invested in a whole-home dehumidifier to target the excess moisture.  Because of the dehumidifier, I am able to raise the setting on the thermostat by several degrees without giving up on comfort.  I not only save money on my energy bills, I lessen the workload of the air conditioner.   The air conditioner requires fewer repairs, should last longer, and is less likely to harbor bacteria within the inner workings.  Pairing the air conditioner with the dehumidifier creates a much healthier, more comfortable and enjoyable home.


Desert stories

My cousin was in the Air Force for several years before you went back to college. He was stationed overseas a couple of times, and he was put through some pretty tough situations. I know that one of his deployments required him to be in the Middle East, and he was in a pretty uncomfortable area. Aside from having to worry about violence, he had to spend most of his time either outdoors are in a place that didn’t have an HVAC system. I don’t know how he lasted so long in the desert without an A/C. I don’t think that I will be tough enough to handle something like that. I get put off when my cooling system at home doesn’t work fast enough, so I would definitely would not be cut out for the military life. He has some pretty interesting stories to tell, and I’m sure I will learn more about his experience as the years pass by. He finds it funny that my biggest concern was with the air conditioning system. I’m sure it was the least of his concerns at the time, but, to me, that seems like the most unbearable aspect of it all. I am much better at my office job than I ever would be as someone in the military. I am simply not cut out for that kind of thing. I’m glad that there are others who are willing to do it. I will take my desk job over something like that any day of the week without a single complaint.

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First class joke

I have to do a lot of travelling for business. On this one particular trip, I flew on this airline that I have never travelled with. I must say that the experience was not entirely too pleasant. I opted for first class as I usually do. I like to be able to travel in comfort, plus my company covers my travelling costs. I thought the first class in the plane would be nice like it usually is, but not with this airline. The seats weren’t very comfortable to start, and that made me wonder how the coach class was in comparison. The other thing that really was killing me was how cold it was. It was like they had their air conditioning on full blast. I asked if they could ease it on the A/C a little bit, but they said the cooling system was broken, and it would not stop pushing out cold air. They offered me a blanket, and I refused. I didn’t want to wear a blanket while in my business traveling attire. I did ask for a drink though, perhaps the alcohol would warm me up a little bit. Unfortunately, they were not able to provide any alcohol. I had to question what kind of first class was this? After awhile, I started to get incredibly cold from the constant flowing of freezing air from the broken A/C. I seen that others took the blankets. I thought that if I didn’t get a blanket, I might freeze to death on this plane. I decided to ask the attendant for a blanket finally. I received my blanket and was able to battle the cold just a little bit. One thing was for certain, I will never be flying on this airline again. I couldn’t believe they had a broken air conditioner and didn’t even provide alcohol to their first class!