Busted cars

When I was nineteen years old I signed up to do some missionary service over in the country of Spain. I took the sixteen hour flight over there and stayed there for almost two years. It was the greatest experience of my life up to that point and it helped me to grow so much as I tried my best to serve and get to know the people that were over there in that beautiful country. I had to learn the Spanish language and about a year of being there I began to feel really comfortable speaking to other people in Spanish quite fluently. For the most part we did not have any trouble, but there was this one time when we had something bad happen to us. I was rooming with three other guys and it was in the dead of winter and there was some snow on the ground from the previous night. We were heading out that morning to church and as we rode the elevator down to the first floor we walked out to see that our car windows had been smashed with a brick that was lying in the backseat of the car. We cleaned it up real quick and then drove to the church with the cold air blowing through the window. We finally made it and ran inside to enjoy the heater that they had running. It felt so good and was so warm. It was a small building where we were at and so it was not much for the heating system to have the place nice and warm for us when we arrived. I am glad that they had a heater and that is was working well because I could not take the cold any longer. The heater in the car had been set to naught because of the broken windows. All was well in the end though and I really have no complaints.

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Our last road trip

On a recent trip down south we experienced car trouble. Now being from up north, we are not always welcomed in small towns in the southern region. We were driving along when all of a sudden the car began making a loud clanking sound.  The highway was pretty much empty as it was the middle of the night.  We had decided that driving later would avoid most of the ongoing construction that we might encounter.  The downside of this choice was the lack of choices we could go to and try and find a repair person.  My friend that was with me knew quite a bit about cars but with no where to find parts and such we were pretty much stuck until morning. After we sat for a bit and the engine cooled down my friend decided to try and find the issue.  He did get the car running more smoothly however we were forced to endure the heat the rest of the way because running the air conditioner put too much of a strain on the engine.  We arrived at our destination some 4 hours late, but at least the hotel we were staying at had a great HVAC unit in the room.  I quickly showered and laid down to enjoy the cool comfortable air.  Let me tell you, if I have to drive all the way back home at a slower pace with no climate control it will not be pretty.  I only hope that the local shop in town can look into the problem and fix the car properly.  Otherwise, this will be the last road trip for a long time.

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A ski trip problem

The worst relationship I was in was with a girl named Kathy. She was probably the most self-centered and meanest woman I have been with. We had a lot of problems, but the end came with a ski trip we went on. I have never skied in my entire life. I have seen movies where people skied. It looked easy enough. I also thought alone time with my girlfriend would be nice. I had to drive the car over five hours to the closest ski resort and waste my gas. I had to rent skis and the poles. I also was terrible at skiing. My girlfriend skied her whole life and was good. She got instantly mad that I couldn’t even stand up on the skis. She wanted to ski down hills together and do harder lifts. Instead all I wanted to do was go back to the lodge. By the third day I refused to attempt at skiing. I hated it and was awful at it. I kept getting snow in my clothes and hurting myself. I was way happier in the lodge where there was heating. I got to sit in front of the lodge furnace and have wifi access. I went online and was the right temperature. Since nobody else was in the lodge either, I had complete control over the thermostat. It irritated my girlfriend to no end since we were separate the whole time, but I did not care. At least I was the right temperature. We broke up on the drive back home over it though.

indoor air quality 

I really need temperature control

My body is very weird when it comes to temperature control. For some reason when I am really cold, I sweat. It happens all the time with me, especially when I am nervous. For example, I was driving my motorcycle yesterday and it was cold out. I did not wear my leather jacket, just a tank top. I was freezing cold but I had sweaty underarms. How does this happen? When I took medical certification tests I had to go to a special testing center. The center had a hardcore air conditioner. The cooling system blasted cold air on me the whole test. Their thermostat must have been set for subzero temperatures. Still with all the air conditioning, I managed to sweat through my shirt. How does this happen? Climate control in my home is very difficult with my condition. I have to be really careful for when I adjust my heating and cooling system. What I do is never use my cooling system. I only use my heating system when necessary. Too much A/C apparently makes my sweat. A little bit of heating seems to not bother me. It is weird temperature control, but it is necessary. I bought a smart thermostat so I can adjust it from my phone. I work on getting my unit to the right temperature. The updated thermostat was very necessary. How else am I going to fix my problem? The smart thermostat learns my constantly changing temperatures and automatically sets the unit for this. It has provided me with some relief during my day.

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Heating renovations

It’s so cold outside. The weather can only be described as inclement. Wearily and slowly, I  bring the covers up around my face enough to breathe, but I can still feel the cold air penetrating my bones.  There is a half inch thick sheet of ice on the inside of my bedroom window, and I can see my breath so clearly in the air, that I am looking for apparitions.  Even under three heavy winter blankets, I can barely think about moving. This was my life, every night, trying to get enough sleep for school the next day.  I grew up in a very cold climate without a good heating system in place.  In the winter, it wasn’t unusual to have several feet of snow stacked up against the house, nor was it unusual for my siblings and I to complain about how cold we were inside of the house.  We grew up with nothing but a wood burning furnace in the basement to heat a three story home.  One of the biggest problems with a wood furnace, is having to load that furnace with wood every few hours.  This banal position, most often left to my father, can leave a person feeling irritated and enervated after several nights of disrupted sleep. I’m glad the family who bought our childhood home was smart enough to hire an HVAC business to completely overhaul the heating and air conditioning in our old home.  The company technicians installed a brand new heating system throughout the home.  Thanks to a few heating and air conditioning upgrades, my broken down, cold bedroom, is now a snuggly warm place for a new child.


Improving my air quality

My seasonal allergies are terrible.  Every April, I start sneezing and my eyes start to water.  I end up having to call into work and will lay in my bed until I start to feel better.  I have tried taking medicine for my allergies, but nothing seems to work.  I have visited an allergist but they were unable to do anything for me.  So when a friend of mine suggested that I look at an air purification system, I started doing some research of my own.  As it turns out, my home’s indoor air quality was playing a big role in my seasonal allergies.  If I decided to have an air purification system installed, it would keep my air much cleaner.  I decided to meet with a trained HVAC technician and find out more about an air purification system.  This type of system would attach to my current HVAC system, but it would be a pricey installation.  I waited a little while to make my decision.  My allergies were decreasing my quality of life, I felt very depressed.  But it was not a guarantee that my allergies would be gone if I decided to install an air purification system in my home.  In the end, I made the decision to have an air purifier installed in my home.  I was happy with my decision and started to feel better almost instantly.  Even my friends and family have noticed a difference in my home’s indoor air quality.  Some of them are considering installing an air purification system of their own.

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Daycare issues

I have always worked long hours during the day. Sometimes I even have to work late at night. My work consumes me sometimes, but lately I have been starting earlier and finishing earlier too. My husband has always been the one to pick the kids up from daycare. Therefore, I have never had to hassle with whether or not the kids were getting what they needed too at daycare. It was always his job. Now, I go to pick the kids up at daycare everyday after work. Recently, I walked into daycare to see that the entire place  was so hot that the children were literally sweating. I asked the daycare provider why the air conditioning was not turned on. She told me that the air conditioning had not been working for a few weeks now. I asked her why she had not had the air conditioning fixed like any normal person would. She told me that they could not afford to have the air conditioning fixed at the moment. I went home and asked my husband just how long the air conditioning had not been working. He told me it had been like that for two weeks now. I knew I should not have left this sort of thing to my husband’s discretion. The children are now in a new daycare center, with working air conditioning. My kids are very young. My daughter is just four months old, and my son is two years old. I do not want my children to be sweating like that every single day. That was just absolutely ridiculous in my eyes. HVAC

Getting a new air conditioning system for my cat

My cat loves to lay in my bed with me. He will usually lay beside me all night long. During the day he will go outside and do whatever he does. I love to snuggle him at night. It is probably my favorite thing to do. I have noticed lately that he has been laying on the floors. I have tile floors so they are much cooler than laying on the bed. I do not have air conditioning. He will sleep on the floor all night long. It makes me feel bad for him. I never used to have air conditioning. I am considering getting it because it is not just me who may need it. I never thought that my pets could benefit from having air conditioning. They are wearing fur coats and the coolness from the air conditioning helps them to feel more comfortable. I find that there are days where I am just sweating with the humidity. I can manage to take care of myself though. It does not feel too awful. Now, I can only imagine how my pets feel with the fur coats. I called my HVAC company near to my house to help me to install a new air conditioning system. I was definitely in need of one. They helped me pick out the right one. Everyone in the house would benefit from having this air conditioning system. The cool air felt so nice and now my cat actually does not mind being under the covers. I am just glad to see that my home is much more comfy for all of us.

temperature control 

Dining with a bad temperature

It is not very often that you get to go out to dinner with your grandparents. Every couple months my grandparents take me and my siblings out to dinner. Because it was a classy restaurant, we all had to dress up. This led to me wearing a button down shirt, and my sisters wearing a dress. It was a very nice place, so the staff insisted on the customer getting what they want. My grandparents are very generous, and always want me and the rest of the grandchildren to be happy. Because of my long sleeves, I was too hot in the restaurant. After I ordered my food, my grandfather could tell that I was sweating. He quickly called over the server and informed her that the air conditioner needed to be turned down. She then told the manager. The manager came to our table and told us that since most guests were females, and wearing dresses, he could not turn the temperature lower. The thing that we could do was move closer to the air conditioning vent. This led to slightly lower temperatures. This was not enough, so until my meal got to the table, I stood near the bathroom. This was right below the vent, and I could tell that the HVAC equipment and system were close by. I was joined by several other gentlemen who were seeking cooler air, and more air conditioning. Some of the men thought that really they needed an HVAC technician, but were too embarrassed to say their cooling unit was broken. Once our meals had arrived, we all ate quickly, and we hurried back to the car, which had better air conditioning than the restaurant. After that, we only visited restaurants that we knew had strong cooling systems.

air conditioning tune-up 

HVAC and ventilation

One of the most fun and exhilarating jobs that I had when I was younger was being a skydiving instructor. I would take people of all different ages hundreds of thousands of feet above the ground in planes and teach them how to parachute. Of course there were a number of close calls, with people having jammed parachutes or they’re so stricken with terror that they are unable to pull the string themselves, but no one has ever died. Another somewhat unpleasant part of this generally amazing job is that it can get incredibly cold on the ascent in the small tin-like aircraft. Because of this, my company keeps the hanger that we operate out of full of space heaters. We place the space heaters all throughout the aircraft hanger in an attempt to create a very warm temperature for our guests to enjoy once they have jumped out of the plane and fallen through the very cold air. This method of heating is turning out to be not very efficient at all. The heaters are spread out in our facility in an attempt to provide maximum coverage, however this leaves us with a lot of floor space taken up by them. Some people will spontaneously vomit within 20 minutes of landing on the ground, and many of these heaters have been knocked over due to this. Some guests find it also difficult to control their limbs after their first time skydiving, so it is quite easy for them to knock over our gas heaters.  Not to mention the repair and upkeep on them is ridiculously tedious, we have to call an HVAC technician every time to help us change the gas of these devices. I have really been trying hard to convince the owners that we need to install a central heating system. Hopefully they will call an HVAC technician soon, fixing every individual space heater is becoming expensive.

air purification