Inconsistent weather and my heater

Every year, around the end of March, my city’s weather greatly improves.  The snow melts, the flowers start to bud, and the temperature increases.  I always look forward to the spring season because that means summer is right around the corner.  I absolutely despise the cold weather and hope to someday move away from it.  This year, the weather pattern has switched up a bit and while the weather did improve at the end of March, it grew cold again at the beginning of April.  I had to bring out my winter clothes and blankets from storage, in an attempt to keep warm.  My heating system continued to run and produce heat, but I could tell that it was not working efficiently.  I contacted my local HVAC technician and inquired if an appointment would be necessary.  My HVAC technician advised that the soonest he could get to my house would be two weeks from now.  I made the appointment but hope that by that time, the weather will no longer be as frigid.  Sure, my system will need to have a service appointment after the winter season ends; I just hope that my equipment continues to work until the appointment!  There were years in the past where my HVAC system stopped working before my scheduled service appointment and it really made me upset.  I hope that does not happen this year. I was looking forward to being able to hang out outside and to have lower monthly heating bills, but the weather had another plan in mind.


A broken heater

I like things to be clean. Some of my friends may characterize me as a clean freak. I have always been like that. I would rather things look organized and well put together rather than sloppy. This goes for pretty much everything in my life. Sometimes I am disgusted when my girlfriend leaves a dirty dish in the sink. Why not just wash it yourself really quick or throw it in the dishwasher? I do not understand it. I also like to practice good hygiene and keep my body clean as well. This means that I shower more frequently than the average person. I typically shower at least twice per day, although it is getting harder and harder to do that with the central heater not working properly. You might guess that a shower is going to be enjoyable as long as the hot water heater is working, however, imagine stepping out of the shower each time only to be immersed in freezing cold air because the furnace is not on. That is my daily life at times. I have actually stopped showering as often because I hate being cold after. I may need to call an HVAC provider soon if this issue does not correct itself. I don’t know how much longer I can remain comfortable in these sorts of circumstances. The heating equipment needs to work better and I know it will make my life far easier each day if it gets fixed. I just hope I can find someone to do it all for me for a decent price.heating products

Cooling equipment should be mandatory

Going to school because I wanted to help children was not a decision made for money. I know that other degrees can earn a person far more money than working with underprivileged kids. However, since I was in high school, I knew that was a real passion of mine so I set out to become a counselor for these kids. Now that I am finished with all of my schooling, I finally have the job I always wanted. I think I am really helping these kids out in many cases. However, the state is not picking up its end of the bargain. While it is the state’s job to make sure there is enough funding for these facilities, they are failing miserably. For example, the school I work at now has no air conditioning whatsoever. This may not seem like a huge deal to you if you reside in the northeast or a place where the weather is more temperate. However, I assure you that temperatures here become so high that cooling equipment is a must for any building. You would think lawmakers would make sure a public facility such as the school I work at has sufficient HVAC equipment. How are children with special needs supposed to focus on becoming the best people they can be when it is far too hot in their classroom? It just is not fair. I wish I had some influence in our state capital to get this stuff changed. I fear that we are too low on their list of priorities, though.

cooling system 

Needing to replace the school heating system

I work in a very small school in the northeastern part of the country. I teach second grade, and have a class of about twenty kids.  I try to make my classroom as welcoming and comfortable for my students as possible.  I have invested in some comfy beanbag chairs, books, and toys.  The heating system in my classroom is a big problem.  Living and working in this part of the country, it is necessary to run the heating system from early October until late April.  The school’s heating system is positively ancient and very distracting.  When the heating system starts up, it sounds just like a helicopter is taking off.  The kids cannot pay attention to anything else.  I must completely stop teaching until the heating equipment is up and running.  While it is operating, the room becomes very overheated and stuffy.  The supply vents spew a great deal of dust into the room, and the hot air smells like sweaty feet.  The kids get really dehydrated, and then we all need to make a trip to the drinking fountain.  Shortly after that, we all need to head to the bathroom.  I know the air quality in the room is horrible.  By the end of the day, my eyes are always red and dry.  I usually have a headache and a sore throat.  I’ve noticed that the kids are often coughing and sneezing.  I blame that outdated heating system.  It doesn’t even manage to keep the classroom comfortable.  It is either running and blasting super heated and dirty air into the room, or it shuts completely off and the room gets terribly cold.

commercial heating 

Planning out a winter vacation

My husband and I have decided to take the kids on a two-week vacation this winter.  In our area, the winter season is extremely long, cold, and snowy.  It will be such a relief to head south, and enjoy some sunshine and ocean waves.  We have rented a condo that is steps from the beach, with a swimming pool, and air conditioning.  My family is really eager to start our vacation and enjoy the warm weather.  I am a little concerned about leaving our house empty for fourteen weeks.  It’s possible that the outside temperature will dip well below zero.  I am worried that the electric will go out during a winter blizzard.  Without electricity, my furnace will quit running.  My furnace is old, and does not feature automatic restart.  It is necessary to turn the furnace back on once power is restored.  If I am not at home to get the furnace running again, the temperature in my house is going to plummet.  It could cause the water pipes to freeze, possibly burst, and result in a lot of expensive damage to our home.  Before we head out on our vacation, I need to take some precautions.  I have called my local HVAC contractor to install a wifi thermostat and a standby generator.  The standby generator will automatically take over in the event of a power failure, providing electricity to keep my furnace and sump pump operating.  The smart thermostat will alert me to any extreme temperature fluctuations or malfunctions with my heating equipment.  I will be able to keep track of my HVAC system through my smartphone.

heater repair 

How wings and air conditioning

You could say that I am a big eater. People often marvel at how much I can eat in one sitting. Most grandmothers love when their grandkids come over for dinner. My grandma hates when I do because I eat all of her food while I am there. Contrary to what you may think, I am not obese. While I do weigh significantly more than the average guy of my height, most of the weight comes from muscle mass. I am a training to become a bodybuilder. I have not competed in any competitions as of yet, but I am still very young. Because I work out so frequently, I can do things like a hot wing competition and not gain weight. However, that competition was still rough on my body as the air conditioner in the building was busted that day. Who the heck hosts an eating competition where the contestants are ingesting spicy foods, but fails to make sure the cooling equipment is working first? I sweated through the entire first round. When I was finished with the whole competition, I had no time to celebrate my victory, as the only thing on my mind was getting home to enjoy my own HVAC equipment. I will never join another competition like that ever again without confirming that there will be reliable cooling equipment present that day. If I was a serious eater that did numerous events like this a year, I would have been really upset about the poor HVAC performance. However, I was just doing it for fun so it barely bothered me.

HVAC repair service 

Glamorized lawsuits

I think that television has overly glamorized the legal process.  People watch television shows about lawyers, and they believe it’s an accurate depiction.  On television, all the lawyers are thin, beautiful people who make a ton of money.  Every lawyer is intelligent, skilled, and creative.  They are either wonderfully ethical or entirely evil, and they all dress in designer fashion.  Each court case is dramatic and exciting, and reaches a fair conclusion.  If you’ve ever been to court, you know how far this is from reality.  My local town court is about as glamorous as reading the dictionary.  The courtroom itself is extremely small, and the judge holds down a second, full time job.  The lawyers are overworked, underpaid, and exhausted.  They are not especially attractive or intelligent, and they certainly don’t dress very nice.  Most of the court cases take about eight minutes and come down to a fine and payment.  I believe that part of the reason there are so many pointless lawsuits is because of these television shows.  People think their lawsuit will be this epic battle, and result in them getting rich.  Instead, they are wasting everyone’s time, and costing everyone unnecessary expense.  At the end of a court battle, no one is entirely satisfied.  Most often, the cases get dropped before they even make it to court.  The process is simply too time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive.  Most of these lawsuits could have been prevented with a bit of open discussion.  When a mediator is brought in, the situation usually gets resolved.  Unfortunately, the television shows continue to perpetuate the stereotype of glamor and excitement.

Jean Glass court case 

A silly lawsuit

Where I live, we get really cold and snowy winter seasons.  The temperature is often well below zero, and it normally snows every day.  It is necessary for local businesses to have their parking lots plowed every day.  Sometimes, they are forced to hire plowing multiple times in a day.  Most places also sprinkle rock salt over the parking lot to combat the ice.  Despite their best efforts, the parking lots are usually a bit treacherous.  Everybody knows to wear boots with a heavy tread, and to walk slowly and cautiously.  There was recently an incident with a customer falling in the parking lot of the local grocery store.  The story of what happened is both gross and amusing.  Apparently, someone threw up in the parking lot of the grocery store.  The vomit froze.  A few minutes later, a customer came along and stepped on the frozen vomit.  He slipped, fell, and injured himself.  The person then decided to sue the grocery store for negligence.  The lawsuit was absolutely ridiculous.  The management of the grocery store had been very diligent about keeping the parking lot clear of snow and ice.  There was no way they could patrol the parking lot every minute.  The customer who slipped on the vomit was simply hoping to cash in by way of a silly lawsuit.  Fortunately, the case never made it to court.  The lawsuit would have simply cost both parties a bunch of money, with no one ending up satisfied in the end.  The customer ultimately dropped the charges against the grocery store.

jean glass 

Working at the greenhouse

With me, when it comes to jobs, it’s either a complete hit or a complete miss. I’ll either absolutely hate the job or fall in love entirely with it. It’s been like this ever since my very first job when I was fifteen, and it is like that now, when I am twenty five years old. Right now, I just work part time since I recently went back to college after taking my break year again. I found a few jobs available and applied to all of them, but the only one that accepted was this one position at a greenhouse. I like flowers and plants and things like that, so I assumed that I would actually like this job. And I guess that, truthfully speaking, it really is not that bad at all, but I still really, really hate it. There’s only one actual reason why I hate it, too, which would be the fact that it is always so hot in there. I understand that they have to run the heating systems a lot because of the plants, and I was prepared for that. However, the darned heating systems in combination with my long sleeved uniform- seriously, who thought that’d be a good idea for a greenhouse?- is way too much to bear. And it gets worse, too. Due to all the water that they use for the plants and everything, it’s also incredibly humid inside the greenhouse which isn’t very fun to deal with at all. The heat just makes it so awful to deal with, if you ask me.

humidity control 

Switching HVAC systems at the season change

My least favorite seasons must have to be spring or fall. I hate how the weather changes. One week it can be gorgeous and  the next week it might be snowing or something crazy like that. I really hate it. I cannot keep track of it. Sometimes I have to now the law. Other times I have to shovel the driveway. I would rather it just be summer or winter. I do not like it when it is in-between. This spring has not been my friend. I was just about to get ready to mow the lawn and it snowed the next week. We have advisories and several inches of snow. I had to turn my heat way up when we got all of that snow. It was crazy because I had just gotten a tune up for my system to get ready to use the air conditioning. There I was though putting the heat back on again. It was nice to have the tune up though because then I could easily switch between the two systems. I did not have to worry about anything happening. I had been using the heat all winter so it was getting pretty worn. I hadn’t used the air conditioning all winter  it was kind of weak. When the technician came to my house, be made it easy to switch between the two. Both systems were cleaned  out. Many of the prices were fixed or replaced as well. It was all right in the cost of the tune up. I’m ready to just use one system for the season as convenient as it is to use both.

HVAC equipment