My space heater is the best

The office at my job is in the rear of the building. It has three exterior walls and I believe that it was not a component of the original building, but added on at a later date. This room is usually freezing cold during the winter time. When I began my job during the summer, I had no idea what was in store for me. But that first cold morning in mid-November was filled with pain and agony. Luckily, my boss let me sit in the primary portion of the office because just being in my office was too cold for me. I decided to stop at the local hardware store on my lunch break to seize some supplies. I knew that I had to put plastic in the window of my office to remove the draft. I also made a decision to purchase a space heater. The employee at the store suggested I buy a heater which has a timer. This way, I would be able to set it for about 15 minutes before my shift started and arrive to a comfortable office. I agreed that this will be a handy feature of a space heater, so I grabbed one and headed back to work. I stayed late after my shift ended to winter weather proof my office. The next day, I arrived to a warmer office! I was excited that my proofing attempts were successful and that I would not be suffering during the winter season. I just wish I would have known about the chilly office before moving into it.


Why I got a new HVAC unit

We are trying to have a baby, but it is not going well. At first trying to have a baby sounded like the best plan. We are both in our early thirties, and also have been married for quite awhile. It just made sense to take that next step. Now everyone keeps asking my wife when she will be pregnant. We have had some trouble with conceiving. We’ve lately started thinking about possibly not even having kids either. I know things would need to change a lot within my home. I would have to baby proof every room, and take each one of my bowling trophies to our basement. Additionally I could not hold onto our current HVAC system in our home. The air conditioner in the house currently makes a really loud buzzing noise. I do not mind the noise, in fact I really like it. The noise helps me sleep at night, though, and provides the right temperature. My wife definitely will not need the noise when we have a child. She would probably want to listen for the baby crying. I am attached to the noisy cooling system, though. Additionally the large gas furnace is located within the living room. It gets very hot, and a baby could probably get burned by it. I bet my wife will need me to switch it with radiant flooring. Having a baby will be expensive on its own, but the HVAC costs are probably going to be huge. Maybe we should just quit with this whole baby concept, it might not be worth it.

HVAC installer 

splitting the cost of an air conditioner

Going through any breakup is crappy, especially if you are living together. I made the big mistake of relocating with my last girlfriend of some months. We had not really been together long but we were a little older and to us it made sense at that time. She was spending all her time at my place anyway. It seemed ridiculous for us both to separately pay for rent whenever we basically lived together. The moment we started to live together, though, things went downhill. We eventually ended it, and had to decide who got to keep what within our place. We bought so many things together as a couple. We had to decide which of us got our albums, TV shows, and all of the blu-rays we bought. It has been actually pretty easy dividing everything out between us. The only issue was our shared HVAC system, specifically the new AC unit. We bought a ductless mini-split air conditioner unit a month ago. We wanted A/C inside our living room when where we used to watch videos. The ductless mini-split A/C unit can have multiple indoor units put in, to provide for zone control. I loved having control of my home’s thermostat and the potential electric bill savings were very exciting. Now that the two of us are no longer together, I want to keep the mini-split unit, and my girlfriend really wants to keep it. We are arguing about who will take the air conditioner. I have it already installed now within my place and she says she should still be able to take it. There is no way I can just let her take this incredible item. The cooling system itself should go to me, not her.

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Air vents

We are right now on vacation down south and we are all staying in a condo. The condo is really nice and it has three good sized bedrooms. This is perfect for my boyfriend and I, my two younger brothers, and my parents. The condo is very spacious and it is surprisingly clean. All the sheets and pillowcases smell good. The shower had no sand or dirt inside it. The floors definitely all were mopped and swept. I was taking a shower a few days ago and I was pleased with the way it smelled. I then looked up and saw the air vent above me. That air vent was attached to the HVAC model. Whether you want heating or cooling, the air is passing through this vent. There were two things now that bothered me. One was I thought an air vent located above a shower was very odd. The second was that this air vent was so disgusting. This condo definitely had in no way had their HVAC technician come in to clean the air vent out. It was so dusty and extremely gross looking. I hated knowing that all the dust was ruining the condo’s quality. It would not even be hard for an HVAC technician to come and clean out the vent. He has special tools which are to be used for cleaning ventilation. It is really a simple and easy process. I am wondering if it is also possible that the owners of the actual condo had never looked up at their vents before. I noticed every one of the HVAC air vents were messy and gross. I hate showering now and thinking about it.

HVAC cleaning 

I wish I could make this HVAC system quiet down

The library at my school is the worst of all places to be. For starters the rug always smells like a wet dog. The walls paint is chipping all over. The library does have some books, but I have never taken one out. The library only seems to have books the professors have wrote. I would never read one of those books just for fun. Also this library has notoriously sticky computers. I wonder if students are eating sticky foods and rubbing their hands all over the keys. I hate using those computers given it looks so disease filled. The worst part about the library is the noise. You might think a library would be nice and quiet, but it’s not necessarily the case here. The students are even what is loud, it is the HVAC system. In the summer the air conditioner creates a loud whining noise if it’s turned on. It can barely cool the miniscule library and it makes a big production to do so. The air conditioning system makes an enormous show of trying to cool the area down. In the winter months the heater is worse. The heater makes a horrible whining noise like it is loudly crying. I feel like the heater is intending to kill itself and wants the whole place to know. The HVAC unit is so loud that it is impossible to do anything. Could it be that the unit is really dusty or simply just plain suicidal? I wish they would simply pay for a HVAC technician to come in and fix the unit. It would be nice to study in peace.

heating system 

Damaged heating systems are a pain

I just made it through winter last year. It had been a super cold one, so of course my heater started messing up directly in the middle of the season. Unfortunately, my HVAC tech was slammed with customers when it started messing up, so he wasn’t able to come right out yet. I really prayed and crossed my fingers that it would make it through this rough winter, but thankfully it barely scraped by and we both survived. So when my tech finally was in a position to make it over to check it out, he got pretty concerned with it. Not only was my heating unit already twelve years of age, which is getting quite close towards the average lifespan of these heating units, but it also needed some severe repairs done to it. I asked my tech for a general estimate, and he said I was looking at roughly $500 in such repair costs to get this unit back to running as properly again. While at first I was mostly just thinking about the repair pricing, my tech told me how how these newer heaters are significantly more efficient than the ones which were made a decade or more ago, like mine was. Basically it really would make sense to just replace the unit, rather than paying all that money to mend the old unit that was on its last leg to begin with. I definitely trusted my HVAC guy because we’ve been working together now for close to a decade or so, so I did take his advice and got the replacement for my heater with a modern, more efficient one, and I haven’t had any hiccups since that day that it was installed.

gas heater 

A new heating system

When my family and I finally moved into our first real home, it came with everything in it already, so we didn’t even have to buy any new appliances or devices. But at first, we were pretty hesitant about the gas furnace it came with because we’ve never used real gas before, mostly because of safety reasons. However, our new HVAC guy installed a carbon monoxide alarm in our garage that would tell us if there was any gas leak whatsoever from the furnace. This did give us reassurance, but not quite enough. We recently had two children, so my wife was understandably concerned about any kind of gas leak. She would bring it up in discussions with me all the time. After a few months of this, I was getting sort of annoyed always hearing it, so I dialed up our HVAC guy again to speak with him about replacing our furnace with an electric furnace. He said it would be a rather expensive replacement, especially considering that the gas furnace we had isn’t even very old yet, but I said it didn’t matter to me because the peace of mind and the peace from always hearing about it from my own wife would be totally worth it. So he offered me an estimate and I accepted it right away. The following week, his team arrived at the house and performed the replacement with an electric one, and now my wife is so relieved, and I actually am too because now I shouldn’t have to hear about gas leaks ever again. I suppose I agreed with her though, having that gas flowing throughout the house did make me apprehensive. Now though, we don’t have to be worried about it and I even threw away the carbon monoxide alarm altogether.


A/C system

Chocolate and wine are common interests of all the women in my family. So in order to get together with my cousins and my aunts I thought it would be best if I have a wine and chocolates based gathering. This way we could meet up with each other while also having the ability to enjoy the things that no doubt you like and enjoy the most. I’d picked up all the wine and chocolate from a gourmet grocery store. I had gotten everything from cake pops to solid blocks of chocolate to eat. I got red and white wines. It was all ready and waiting to become eaten and enjoyed. The day of my own party quickly rolled around and also I was so excited. I went into my kitchen the morning on the big party only to find that all the chocolate that had been seated on my kitchen counter totally melted. It was like some sort of lake of chocolate soup had been pouring down the sides of my kitchen island. I had no clue what happened or why this would happen. I contacted my HVAC service that is certainly in my local neighborhood area to come by the house and understand why on earth my air conditioning system had mysteriously shut itself off when I was fast asleep. The HVAC technician took a peek at things and told me so it had malfunctioned. Luckily he was able to fix it before the friends and family arrived and had to experience that awful heat. Unfortunately he was can not save all of my dissolved chocolate. I decided to go to the store and purchase more. I hope that never happens again.


Being cold in your own home

I just got a job not long ago. I graduated from my four year university early and I was ready to find a job that would be an excellent option for me. Unfortunately the job market is not as hot and booming as it had been in the past. These days everyone is attending school to get their four year degree so it was very difficult for me to get anything remotely close to my home or that was going to provide me with a reasonable salary and wages. Because of that I took a job working in my town only five minutes from my house. The job is as a sales agent. It pays great and I will be able to make commission off of every single sale. It has proven to be a great fit for me thus far. That is until last month when I really messed up. I was supposed to bring one or two couples to a showing of a whole new house that had become available. The house was perfect for small kids too and I was excited over it. Unfortunately when I brought them to the house it happened to feel a lot colder than I remembered it to be. I went to the thermostat to power on the heat. I clicked it on several times but the furnace would not turn on. I called an HVAC technician right after the couple left. It turned out the entire furnace needed to be replaced. I blew the sale and the opportunity to make a lot on the particular commission because I failed to get the home’s furnace inspected.

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Work around the house when milder weather comes in

After months and months of super cold weather, and constant snow, we finally had a nice day.  The temperature today rose up to fifty degrees.  I couldn’t wait to get outside.  I haven’t been able to spend any time outside in almost six months.  I’ve had to huddle inside, with the furnace running at all times.  There’s been no opportunity to open a window and let in a breath of fresh air.  When I stepped outside, the air felt like pure heaven.  It might not have been warm enough to start up the air conditioner, or even shut off the furnace, but I was happy.  I was able to take off my coat.  I took a walk around the outside of my house and was a little overwhelmed by the work ahead.  There are heavy tree limbs and lots of sticks littering my lawn.  There are leaves and weeds in my gardens.  There is paint peeling off my house.  I know that I will need to go around with a caulk gun and make sure my window are not leaking air.  There is so much work outside that I’m almost glad spring hasn’t officially arrived.  The weather is supposed to turn cold again tomorrow.  I will try to enjoy this last month of winter.  Even though I need to run the furnace and pay high energy bills, there is very little to do when it’s snowing outside.  There’s time to curl up on the couch and read a book.  There’s time to watch movies.  Once it’s warm enough to turn on the air conditioner, I’ll be working nonstop to keep up with the lawn and gardens.

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