Discomfort in the summer

Somehow, although it is summer, I managed to get sick last week. It was right in the middle of the work week. I just felt really tired one day around lunchtime. I was not hungry, though, just thirsty and suddenly exhausted. I went home early that day, intending to lie down for a short nap. My short nap turned into bedtime because I did not wake up until my alarm went off for work the next morning. I had to call out of work that day because when I woke up, I felt even worse than I had the day before. My head was pounding and my whole body was hot. The only relief I found was through my air conditioning. I turned down the temperature on the thermostat to keep the house extra cool. That helped, which was great. I felt so awful that I ended up calling out of work for the rest of the week. I slept off and on for the rest of the day, still burning up with a high fever. When I awoke the next morning, my entire house felt hot. That seemed impossible to me because the house was cool when I fell asleep. When I examined the thermostat, I noticed it was completely off. I went outside to look at my air conditioning unit, finding it silent and unmoving. I knew my air conditioner was broken then and, in a panic, researched the closest HVAC company. I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC technician for the next day, living in absolute misery with cold packs and fans on full blast until they arrived. The HVAC technician fixed it much quicker than I expected. I do not know what I would have done if they had not come to repair it that fast.

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Living together

About five years ago now, I started dating this guy, not thinking I would ever be marrying him someday. It was in my mid-teenage years that we starting dating. I was still in high school, he was off to college, then I was off to college. We managed to stay together through it all. His parents house is only ten minutes away from mine, so we never had to travel really far to see each other. Once we both had steady full time jobs, we decided to get an apartment together to see how things would be. We’ve always spent the night at one another’s house, but never actually lived together. This would be the test. I hate the heat during the summer. I prefer to sit in an air conditioned apartment and just relax. Him on the other hand, he can’t sit still. Although, he likes to have the air conditioner set it its coldest setting. I don’t. I want to be cool, not frozen. When he goes outside to do whatever he does, I turn the A/C setting back up. Plus, by keeping the air conditioner temperature closer to the outside temperature, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, and won’t run all the time. It’ll save a little on our electric bill. As for when we go to sleep, he still likes our bedroom to be like an ice box. I can’t sleep like that. I like to bundle up in my blankets just as much as the next person, but I don’t want to be freezing when I have to get out of bed in the morning. Sooner or later he will learn that our house can’t and won’t be that cold during the summer.

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My outdoor living space

We are enjoying sitting outside during our short summer season.  In the Northeast we must take advantage of every opportunity to be outdoors.  Those that live in the south and the southwest have a hard time comprehending that we have to squeeze so much into just a few short months.  Before you know it we will be buttoning up the house and turning on the heat again.  I don’t want to think about that right now.  It is early July and I am just going to enjoy what we have.  We decided to create an outdoor living area of sorts.  I say of sorts because when it is 10 degrees below zero we will not be  using it.  In order to extend out time outside we must have a way to circulate air and heat it when needed.  Our choices included ceiling fans and portable heaters.  We do have electricity so that helps with both of these.  I contacted our HVAC dealership in town and they suggested a few different models of heaters.  One looked like a fireplace and the other was an infrared heater.  I took a ride to look at both and we decided on the one that looked like a fireplace.  It not only looks great in the room but provides enough heat to take the chill off the room.  We did put up removable walls so that when it is hot out we can just take them down and enjoy the outside air.  I am thinking later on we may decide to make it a more permanent structure.  At that time we will simply add another zone to the current system to accommodate that space as well.  

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My father

A few short months ago my dad fell very ill. At first, my mother and I thought that my dad might just have the stomach flu or something. So, we did what any normal person would do. We monitored my father’s health for a few day’s. Then, the day’s turned into weeks and finally my mom and I knew that we needed to have my dad taken to the hospital. That’s when we truly found out how sick he was. Luckily my mother and I have been lucky enough to bring my father home, and we are able to keep him as comfortable as possible. My dad’s comfort is all thank to the zone control heating and cooling system that my father had installed a few years ago. When my dad had it installed, my mother and I thought that the zone control system seemed a bit silly. After all, there were only three of us living in the house. Did we really need to individually control the temperatures of every room in the house ? Now we know that the zone control heating and cooling system was a great idea. My dad can be kept at a warm temperature like his doctor recommends while my mother and I can cool the rest of the house. It is truly wonderful. It is the very best feeling knowing that my father can be kept as comfortable as possible throughout the time and the toll that his illness takes on his body. I hope that this zone control heating and cooling system will keep my father comfortable for many years to come.  

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Needing HVAC for our camping trip

I hate camping. I hate everything about it. The outdoors are fine, from afar. I like lakes and beaches but sleeping in a bug-infested piece of cloth that could be torn into by an animal is rather unsettling to me. My boyfriend insisted we go camping for the 4th of July holiday weekend. I said “no” about 15 times but he wouldn’t have it. Past camping experiences filled my head and I started to panic. Would there be bears? Would I get eaten by bugs? Where would I go to the bathroom? The list went on and on. He swore it would be fun and that I had nothing to worry about. It was supposed to be warm and sunny, no rain in the forecast. It gets freezing at night though, that I remember. So I made a deal with my boyfriend. If I were to do this, he needed to bring a portable HVAC unit so I could at least be comfortable temperature-wise. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, shaking because I was so cold. I also remember sweating profusely after a hike and my only desire was air conditioning. Not having control over my climate makes me very anxious so this was one thing that would help me out. It either needs to be brand new or recently serviced by a technician so we don’t bring it with us and then have it not work.  Portable HVAC units are a necessity when camping and if we won’t bring one for me then I will refuse to go.  air conditioning system

Dealing with mood swings

People for sure have very different views of the world around us.  A parents perspective of what is a “big deal” and a teenagers view seem to be from different worlds for sure.  This has been an issue since the dawn of time I am certain.  I imagine even back in colonial days the struggle over chores and responsibility have been waged between many young adults and their guardians. For this reason it really should not come to a surprise that our teenage daughter is butting heads with us on a daily basis.  We can not get her to understand that there are certain things that she is to be held accountable for now that she is working and getting ready to move out on her own in a year or so.  We are simply trying to prepare her for everyday life and so we have instituted a payment schedule for her.  She is now responsible for chipping in for groceries and paying a portion of each utility bill each month.  She says we are just being cheap but we want her to realize that the amount of water, electric and gas you use adds up quickly.  We recently upgraded our HVAC system and it is saving money for sure each month.  When we printed out the past years statements to show her the difference she was surprised to learn that a newer and more efficient system made such a difference.  We are hopeful that all of these steps will make her more ready for the “real world”.  At least she realizes now that when looking for an apartment she needs to consider what type of heat and air conditioning are offered.  In addition to how old that system is.  This way she will know that what she is paying for is worth what she is getting out of it.  

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My neighborly duties

My husband and i got married a few months ago. We have been together since middle school. Now, my husband and I are both in our late twenties. The two of us have been together for a very long time. So, a wedding was well overdue. After my husband and I got married, we decided that we wanted to begin our lives together. The first thing that we did as a newly married couple, was to purchase a house in a neighborhood that we grew up in. My husband and I searched the local ads and real estate websites for a few weeks until we found the perfect house. We moved into our new house a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I absolutely love our new home, and our neighborhood as well. When we moved in my husband and I realized that we needed to do some repairs on our heating and cooling system. We did not know any local heating and cooling businesses, but luckily our new neighbors were more than willing to give us a good referral. They gave us the number of the heating and cooling business that they use when they need to do repairs at their own homes. We contacted that HVAC business later that day, and they came over within a few hours to do our repairs. Overall, my husband and I are very pleased with our new heating and cooling company. They did a great job. My husband and I  will definitely be using the same heating and cooling company again in the future.


My art class needs air conditioning

It was the last day of my art class, and I was sorry that it was ending. I had grown very fond of the people I had met in the class, and I was going to miss the creativity that was sparked from being among them. The class would not start up again until the fall, and I realized, on this day, why there were no summer classes. There was no air conditioning in the building where our classes took place. Today, the temperature reached 90 degrees, with 80 percent humidity. There was no breeze to speak of, so even having the windows opened, did not help. We were sweltering through the class. I believe we were all thinking that perhaps we weren’t so sad after all, that class was ending. We were putting the finishing touches on our last painting when all of a sudden, it got very dark outside. It started to thunder and lightening. The rain started to pour down, and a slight breeze picked up. It cooled our room down immediately. It was so refreshing. We all forgot about the need for air conditioning, and enjoyed our last few hours together. I am looking forward to starting the class up again in the fall. I’m hoping that maybe they will invest in an air conditioner, or maybe even move to an air conditioned building, so that we can continue classes through the summer. Maybe it’s all for the better, though. Sometimes, it’s good to give your creativity a vacation, too. It’s good to have a time to refresh.

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My cottage has a great A/C unit

It was a holiday weekend and I was heading to my friend’s cottage for a few days. I was so excited to go relax on a lake and not be in the city anymore. It was a couple hours from my house and there would be lots of traffic so I knew I had to leave at a decent hour. When I finally got there, all my friends had already arrived. There were in their bathing suits and ready to go out on the boat! I quickly changed and out we went. After a 6 hour day out on the lake, we all were drunk, tired and ready to sit in a cool house and eat a good dinner. When we got back up to the cottage, we were shocked at the temperature! It was so crisp and cool in there, it gave me the chills. My friend told me that their air conditioning broke last summer, so at the very beginning of this year, her dad installed a new air conditioning unit that was the best of the best. It had zone control and the air quality was amazing. She said a technician came out in the morning and by mid-afternoon, he was gone and the house was cool as can be. They also had the technician install a heating unit in the cottage, so when it got cold at night, they didn’t have to leave. Now they could spend the evenings here, even into the Fall season. I was so jealous that my friend had such a nice place on the lake, I wanted to ask if I could move in here with them!

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Having good HVAC service

My sister and I decided to move away together a few years ago. My sister and I  are twins, and therefore my sister and I have always been very close with one another. From playing on the same safer and basketball  teams, to sharing birthday parties, to even sharing friends, we do everything together. My sister and I had always wanted to go far from home for college. Luckily, we even decided to go to the same college. The two of us will be getting different degrees, she will be majoring in biology, while i will be majoring in mechanical engineering. But, none the less, since we are moving away from home, my parents decided that they were going to buy us a house at our new school. The place is gorgeous, and it is just the right size for the two of us to live in for the next couple of years. The house is great, but it did need a lot of repairs done to it before it was move-in ready. Luckily, my parents found some great people to do the work for us. The most important of those people being the heating and cooling company that they hired. The heating and cooling company was pretty local, which is nice incase my sister and I ever need their services again. Plus, they did all of the work very quickly, and very little money. Having a good heating and cooling technician has proved to be a very wonderful thing. My sister and I are very thankful for all of their help.  

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