Prolonging your HVAC system’s life

My grandmother is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a whopping 98 years old and still lives a healthy and active life compared to anyone else her age. Most people do not even live to be 98. My grandmother has a few common health issues that tend to affect older individuals, such as arthritis and cataracts but overall, she is happy and healthy for her age. She wake up in the morning, drinks her tea, watches her morning television and then goes for a walk. She enjoys the outdoors and loves to be as active as she can. The church she belongs to is right down the street from her home so every Sunday morning, she walks to mass then goes out to breakfast with her friends afterward. Everyone in town loves my grandma. One time, I asked her the secret to living such a long, healthy life. She told me a few different things, but one of them shocked me and honestly made me laugh a little. She told me that living in an environment with a clean, functioning HVAC unit that gets inspected once per year has helped her to stay healthy. She keeps really good care of her home and everything in it, including her heating and cooling unit. Since she has it inspected and cleaned out once per year, there is never any dust or debris that gets caught up in the air ducts. The air she breathes in from day to day is completely filtered and fresh, making it easier to breathe and healthier as well.

A restaurant that’s too hot

Although I have not had the opportunity to work in a restaurant setting, I imagine it is difficult to know what should be the right temperature to make sure customers are comfortable. With the kitchen having ovens and stoves going all the time, I would think it would be hard to keep that area cool for the cooks and their staff and still manage to keep the customers not too cool and not too hot. I have been in many restaurants where it was a bit too cool. Thanks to a tip from my mother early on in my life, I tend to carry a sweater in my car for just such instances. However, I would rather a restaurant be a bit too cool rather than too hot. In one such instance of being in a restaurant that was too hot, my friends and I thought that perhaps the restaurant was having an issue with their air conditioner. We waited for a long time before any server came around to get our drink order. It was clear the servers were uncomfortable too, and they were in long sleeves with a serving apron on, and we were in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. We were sweating just sitting in the restaurant, so we felt very sorry for the servers who must have been absolutely miserable from the heat. When we asked our server if the restaurant was experiencing problems with their air conditioner, the server said there was not a problem with the air conditioning unit, but that someone had forgotten to turn on the air conditioner before customers started arriving for their lunch service. While it did cool down over the course of our meal there, it was still an uncomfortable environment to enjoy a meal in.

HVAC service 

The HVAC system I used to have

As a child, I lived in an ancient mobile home. It had ancient appliances, ancient floors, ancient cabinets, and an ancient air conditioning system. Because it was so ancient, it was extremely inefficient at cooling our home, and this issue was compounded by the fact that we lived in a very warm region. Most of my childhood, as a result, was spent outdoors. The temperature may have technically been warmer outside, but at least there, the air was moving. Indoors, our poor air conditioner, no matter how many technicians came and looked at it, was simply too decrepit to do anything worthwhile. It still felt stuffy and overly-warm. I can vividly remember dreading summer because of how hard it was to fall asleep during those hot months. I no longer live in that house, but I go back and visit often. My parents have changed some things: updating appliances, putting in new flooring, and replacing furniture. They have also added a window air conditioning unit (they could have brought out an air conditioner technician to look at the central unit, but probably wanted to avoid hearing that there was no hope for it) in the living room to supplement the central one, meaning that the living room and dining room (when my dad actually remembers to turn it on) actually can feel decently cool. My room, though, still feels about the same. I can still walk into that room and be transported back to my childhood whenever I like. It is comforting, in a way, knowing that no matter where I go in life, some things will never change. I think about it sometimes when I am feeling philosophical. Then I go back to my home, to my properly-working air conditioner. air conditioning unit

HVAC breakdowns

Lately a lot of unexpected things have seemed to be happening at my work. First, a whole bunch of employees got into a huge fight and instead of just putting their differences aside or even taking any issues up to our head boss, they just decided to quit. Without any warning either, they just marched into the manager’s office and resigned. Isn’t that crazy? Obviously we had to have more employees to fill their spots, and somehow one of my cousins managed to get hired, though I don’t think he was really all that qualified. Then, out of nowhere, the HVAC systems all across the whole entire building quit working. At first, we thought it would be temporary, and that we would only be without heating or cooling for a few days. We called an HVAC provider and they said that the earliest appointment they had was later in the week, so we dealt without HVAC until that day. It was pretty rough. Even though there was no air conditioning, there was no heating either, so you would assume that it would not get all that hot in the office. However, it did, and it was steaming. It was almost as if the heating had been turned up on high the whole day! It was really hard for me to survive all the way until the day that our company made an appointment with the HVAC company. We did not even need a functional heating system after that occurrence, though. To be honest, I never wanted another again!air conditioner repair

An inventor that’s held hostage

Working as an investor always seemed like a fairly safe job. I show up to work at around nine in the morning, work until one, take a lunch, and then finish my day up and get out around five in the evening. It is supposed to be a very reliable job without any serious excitement or problems that would interrupt my personal life. I have three kids and a wife, so whatever job I take directly impacts their lives as well. Just recently the routine I had developed in my life came to a screeching halt. A gunman came into our building last week and locked a bunch of the investors up and held them for ransom, and I was included in the group of hostages. It was a very strange experience, the gunman keeps ranting and ranting about how hot the building was and the lack of an air conditioning. The other investors were equally as confused as I was and had no idea why the gunman would be talking about air conditioning units or the HVAC system configurations within the building. There was a considerable length of time when the gunman said nothing, but then like an explosion he started hollering about how cold it had gotten and the cruel jokes we were playing on him by turning the heating system off completely. At this point it was clear the gunman was deranged, evident by the fact he would only talk about the HVAC equipment within area. Soon after that outburst about the lack of heating  security was able to apprehend him and I just hope he is given the medication he so dearly needs.

HVAC equipment 

Trusting a professional

I truly like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Doors will close so others can open. We cannot help what happens in life. We can only handle and deal with whatever comes our way. There will be many challenges in life but it shows who you are in how you overcome these challenges. In my life I have had many HVAC challenges. These challenges have been several breakdowns and many repairs have been needed. Some people would try to fix it themselves. They try to do this to save a dollar or two. In reality, if you know absolutely nothing about HVAC systems you would have no idea on how to fix an HVAC unit. This is where it becomes an issue. If you try to fix the system, you could actually make it worse. By making it worse, you are causing yourself to eventually spend more money on a repair. This goes for if you are letting someone else handle the HVAC system as well. If you are having heating and cooling problems, leave it up to an HVAC professional. Simply call for someone to help you. You do not always need to take it upon yourself to fix everything around your house. An HVAC professional will repair your system quickly and properly. Trying to fix the unit yourself will only waste your time. If you are having any problems, call an HVAC company today. All you have to do is set up an appointment and they will come to your house to help. This will only save you time and money.

my family comfort 

I love to bake

One of my favorite pastimes is baking.  When I was a child I would sit on the counter in my grandmother’s kitchen and “help” her all the time.  This is something I did with my own girls and hope one day to do with my grandchildren as well.  In the winter, when the wind is blowing and the snow is falling, baking makes the house more cozy.  The warmth from the oven along with the furnace keep everyone very comfortable.  Because I love baking so much I offered to bake pies for a recent bake sale at church.  This was to take place the second weekend in June.  When I volunteered I was not thinking about the weather.  As the weekend approached I started to plan for the 6 pies I needed to make.  Blueberries were in season and strawberries as well.  I thought this would be perfect.  The weather reports began saying that we would be experiencing record heat for that time of year.  The thought of heating up the oven brought me dread.  I did not have air conditioning at my house.  I made a call to my local HVAC dealer to find out what options I may have.  He suggested that I look into a ductless room air conditioner because it would be easier to install and since I rarely needed A/C anyway it may be my best bet.  I set an appointment for the salesman to come and measure the space.  He made recommendations on the size unit I needed to meet my needs.  They are installing it the day before I have to bake.  I am so relieved.

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Residential V. commercial plumbing

When looking to hire a new plumber, I had to consider many things. We were not just hiring a plumber for a simple fix such as a leaky sink or clogged drain. We needed him or her to install our new sump pump. The old sump pump is so old so before it starts leaking or breaks, I am going to buy a new one to replace it. First, I need to know which type of sump pump to get. I don’t know much about them these days. I need to hire a plumber who can inform me and teach me because I feel very clueless right now. I was not sure whether to hire a residential or commercial plumber. Both had positive and negative aspects. A commercial plumber was referred to me by my friend. I called the company up to get some more information and they seemed nice but their hours were very limited. When looking into the residential plumber in town, he was a little older and had been a plumber for many years. He seems wise and very smart on the subject of plumbing. His hours were very flexible and he pretty much would come whenever I needed him. I decided to hire the residential plumber. We scheduled an appointment for him to come to the home and install the new sump pump. I watched him do the whole thing, even got to help him a little bit. Plumbing isn’t exactly a fascinating job but I really enjoyed seeing exactly how he did it. I will call my residential plumber in the future from now on.

When my dad was a plumber

When I was younger my dad worked as a plumber. I remember being in the fourth grade and going around the room sharing the occupation of our parents with the entire class. Many people’s parents had cool jobs it seems but my dad was a plumber and at the time, I was embarrassed to admit that. I’m not really sure why I was. It was a full time job that kept my dad very busy and helped to support our family and keep us financially stable. I guess the title “plumber” just doesn’t sound as glorious as “banker” or “lawyer” for some reason. As I got older though, I really started to learn more about the actual specifics of my dad’s job and I started to appreciate it more. I learned that being a plumber is actually a really neat and fascinating job. It’s the type of work that really benefits so many people. At some point in everyone’s life, they will need the help of a plumber. They will need to hire a plumber for something and when they do they will be so thankful for their services. A plumber really has a hard job. It is a get your hands dirty type of job that many people do not want to do, but somebody has to do it. That’s why my dad always said. He was never the type to sit in an office and dress up casually for a job. He loved the physical activity aspect of his job as a plumber and I totally admire that.

kitchen plumbing 

Getting my hot water heater fixed

I have realized that I use a lot of appliances and items in my home. About every cooking pan, dish, and utensil, I use about every week. I love to cook especially for when I have guests. I went to school for business but sometimes I wish that I went to school for cooking instead. I have more of a passion for cooking than I do for my job right now. I feel like if I cooked everyday for eight hours I may be tired, but I would have still a big interest in it. Since I love to cook I always rely on hot water to clean my dishes. Last week I filled my sink with soap and water but I walked away from the sink to do something. I was back about thirty seconds later ready to start cleaning the dishes. I found out that the water was cold! I drained the water out and let the water from the faucet run to see if the water would warm up any. After about five minutes that water never got warm. I decided to call my plumber to see why my water was doing this. I called and made an appointment with him and he showed up to my door about an hour later. I showed him to the sink and he said that he believed that I had a problem with my hot water heater. This was the main reason why my water wasn’t getting hot. He had to replace a part that was broken but I was grateful to have my hot water back so I could continue my cooking.

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