Baseboard heating system

I currently are in a mountainous climate and cold winters are simply just something one must get used to living in. I used to think that winters were bearable if you needed a good space heater and winter jacket. This past winter proved me wrong. I rented a apartment with drafty windows equipped with an electric baseboard heating. In certain ways I like baseboard heat more than oil heat, but for quite possibly the most part it is too downright costly. I keep the thermostat inside my apartment on a low temperature setting. During the first chilly month this past fall, I received an energy bill that was five times the amount of my typical spring and summer energy bill! In addition for a costly electric bill, the thermostat will constantly reset itself to proper heat settings. I discussed the temperature issue to my friend and she suggested to cover my apartment windows by using plastic. I was hopeful that it would help regulate the temperature inside my apartment. Unfortunately it has not improved the heating situation within my apartment. I find myself having a daily struggle of being cold and wasting energy by keeping heat on within a drafty apartment with an older HVAC unit. The baseboard heaters are merely present on a few walls within the apartment. I now find bitter winter days unbearable, as I stay cold in my apartment and am cold any time I step outside. I now hold value in a very well-serviced furnace, a well-insulated constructing structure, and a warm place through the winter! I find that a well-maintained HVAC unit at my home makes all the difference around my attitude and everyday life in the winter months. Having a cold apartment makes everyday tasks like taking a shower and washing dishes more dreadful in chilled temperatures. There have been many times that I wake up because of the cold! Just to think if there was a better building structure and an HVAC unit, it might have made all the difference in my outlook on winter! Right off the bat I will check when renting my next apartment if the building is insulated, the building furnace, and HVAC unit. I will gladly pay more each and every month for an efficient heating service and furnace!

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Enjoying the window cooling

My daughter just turned fourteen years old, and she spends all her time in her bedroom. Most of the time, she is on her laptop or computer, watching music videos with the woman’s earbuds in. We can hear her almost all day, belting out probably her favorite tunes, oblivious to the fact that there is anyone else in the house. Last year, we realized that her room became quite warm towards the middle of the day, even with the central HVAC system on. We eventually made a decision to purchase a window air conditioner and keep her room cooler, since she is in there on a regular basis. My husband purchased the air conditioner in addition to installing it the same day. Almost immediately, you could have the temperature change in the room or space, and it became much less hot than before. Before this, my daughter would occasionally emerge from her room to cool off a bit in the course of the day, but now we never see her at all. I am beginning to believe that the purchase of this window air conditioning system appeared to be a bad idea. I have to force her into coming out of her room to spend a little while with the family. The whole time, she is grumpy because she just wants to go back in her room to listen to music, or chat with one of her friends on Facetime. I am glad that my daughter has the capacity to stay cool with her new window air conditioner, but I wish she wanted to spend more time with our family once in awhile.

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They use the HVAC too much

Honestly I do love my in-laws, really, I do. But, if they can’t get a grip on their thermostat abuse soon, they are never going to be allowed to visit us again. I just don’t understand why they have this crazy need to always turn my thermostat up or down to whatever temperature suits their needs. It’s not their house, and as far as I know they don’t pay for the air conditioning or heating. So, why do they think that they can just turn it on or off when they feel like it? I told my hubby that he really needs to speak with them before they can come for any visit during the holidays. I just can’t be iced out in my own home any time of the day. He hates confrontation and really doesn’t want to talk to them about this problem. I asked him which he would prefer: living with me, or with them after we are divorced. Understandably, he called them up and had a conversation with them about it. He asked them if there was a reason they felt the need to turn the heat up high, and the next moment turn around and blast the air conditioning. They explained to him they will were really struggling with the physical reactions to their medicines. All this time I was so livid about what I thought was them being inconsiderate, instead it was just them struggling with their health. I felt incredibly horrible. My husband told me to move past it, and we remedied the situation on their behalf with a portable electric heater in addition to a window box air conditioner for their guest room. This way, there will always be one room where they can find comfort.

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Both kids love the AC

Despite what many people think, twins will not be always the same. Often times beneath the skin even identical twins can be extremely different people. I have the identical twin brother, and other than our looks we couldn’t possibly a little more different. He is a rigorous vegetarian, and I am extremely heavy into hunting and eating meat. He likes classical popular music, I am into heavy metal and rap music. He really loves track and field, I am far more into full contact, high impact on sports, and so on and etc …The one way we are really quite similar has been our body temperatures, we both was really hot people, and always needed lots of air conditioning to stay comfortable. We had our own bedrooms growing up, but ended up sharing a space so our parents would put in a window mounted AC unit in addition to keep that room the coldest inside our home.  As much as both of us hated sharing a room, with both needing that cooling system just so we were able to sleep through the night. Today we live far apart, but we still talk every so often, and we both still have a driving need for constant air conditioners. He recently told me of a new smart thermostat he fitted for his home cooling system, that he could activate along with voice commands. I talked with my local HVAC dealer and was told it doesn’t exist yet, so I think my brother just wants to make me jealous about his air conditioner.

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HVAC for when I am writing


         Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing. When I was young, I wrote fictional stories about superheroes and characters who had supernatural powers. I had so much imagination  as a kid, and it continued into my adult years. In college, I majored in English, and I’m currently working on a novel. Each morning I wake up and write at the desk inside my den.

I have a strict routine which I try not to stray from.

          While I’m working, I need to have the air conditioner running at full speed, since I cannot focus when I get too hot. I’m very sensitive to heated air, so having a good cooling system in my house is vital. Whenever the air conditioner is running, I am totally at ease, and I’m not distracted by thoughts of temperature. I’m a hot natured kind of person, so I really appreciate the fact that my HVAC system is at all times dependable. As long as I am able to stay in this routine, I am pretty productive each morning when I write.    

          I try to do 3 to 4 pages everyday. At this rate, I will be done with my book by the yearend.. Following that, I will send it off to publishers and hope that someone will be prepared to put it into print. It is my goal to have a novel published, and I think that I am well on my way to achieving that.. Writing is something I take pleasure in, and I would love to make it my full time career.

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Quality HVAC repairs

       The benefits of HVAC maintenance is really understated. I could never grasp how a person thinks a machine can run forever without being cleaned, checked and parts changed out on occasion. Do you go to the doctor yearly? Would you not need food and oxygen to survive? Machines, cars and other appliances are hardly different from the body!

          I recently sent my HVAC technician four-man team into a local factory. They seemed to be having some serious problems with their heating and cooling functions and needed a comprehensive service. When I asked them when was the last time they had a service on their heating and cooling equipment, they responded, never. They this particular HVAC unit for over three years! I knew right then we had to send in a team, for it was going to be a big job.

         The first thing they did was check out the different air vents by stripping, cleaning and  changing out the air filter. That took them ages, with all of the build up on the vents. They could hardly get them off! Then they had to go deep into the duct work, which was completely spoilt! They were surprised to hear that we would be compelled to pull out all that was there and replace the whole duct work. It was disgusting. We had never seen anything worse.

        When they stopped to check out the unit itself, they noticed some uneven parts and asked the factory owner about it. Apparently, he had tried to do some repairs on his own, using cheap internet knock offs. Did this person learn his lesson!


Wood burning fireplace

My husband and I went on a trip to the mountains. Both of us had not been skiing since being at a university, and we were looking forward to our week-long trip. All of us made reservations at the ski chalet, and our husband opted for an updated room. He chose a room that had its own hot tub inside, and an appealing stone fireplace in the home. The ski chalet room was appealing, and it was all so romantic. All of us spent our days skiing on the slopes, and spend our afternoons cuddled up in front of that fireplace. I love to hear the crackling of the fire, as the logs smoldered in the fireplace. My husband and I had a wonderful time skiing, but I loved having the fireplace in our room. By the time our trip was over, my husband and I were both convinced to buy a fireplace for our home. Since we could not add a wood fireplace, we opted for a much more modern electric fireplace. It still looks appealing in our room, and it makes the same crackling sounds. The fireplace is equipped with a heating element, so it functions as an actual heating device. My husband and I are ecstatic with the fireplace, and have even thought about adding a single to our office. My husband and I share an office in our basement, and all of us always complain about the dampness and cold in the basement, so this could be the perfect solution.


Selling ac door to door

How bad must it have been to be a door to door salesman? Back in the day, before the internet when some homes didn’t even have an iPhone, the door to door salesman was a respectable task. It was the only way to reach every potential client, by knocking on their door and saying hello. Today the people I was with and I have “stranger danger” and all the people are terrified of people knocking on their door, but back then things were different… Regardless of the weather, you had to be out walking from house to house carrying your wares. As an online sale representative, I spend all day indoors, next to our personal A/C unit, and simply cannot imagine doing this task by walking around a village! Yesterday the temperature was over ninety degrees, but I stayed nice and cool all day because of our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. Imagine if I would have been out in this heat, separate from any cooling, dripping sweat and trying to convince people to buy our products. I doubt I would have easily numerous sales, even if I were selling Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems. One of our coworkers is an older lady, and she tells me stories about selling door to door to now doing it from the comfort of her climate controlled office and says she could never go back. I can hardly blame her because I feel that a comfortable work environment, including quality heating and cooling, is a requirement for doing a fine task. How could I focus on making sales if I was worried about a lack of proper air conditioning system?

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Trip that had no ac

Last year I took an intense road trip across the country, and I made it to all 50 states. This trip really pushed me to venture outside of my comfort zone. I slept in a van some nights, while other nights I opted for camping. I rarely paid for hotels because I did not want to spend that much money. If I had to use the toilet, I had to improvise by finding anywhere to stop or by just going out in the woods. It was a real adventure, but one of the hardest things for myself and others was getting to sleep, as well as spending so much time without an a/c. Before the trip, I was used to being able to adjust our heating and A/C units to run at whatever temperature I chose. I was rarely in a hotel or even a climate-controlled building for that matter, so the luxury of being able to adjust a cooling system was not on the agenda of our trip. There were several long nights when I felt disgusting because the humidity made myself and others really sticky and left us feeling disgusting. I dreamt about our a/c back home, but I stuck it out. By the time I reached our 50th state, I was ready to return home. I made some superb memories on that trip that I will never forget. I met some charming people, ate some great food, and took hundreds of attractive photographs. I will never forget the experience, and I am blessed that I could make time to do it. Regardless, I am ecstatic to be back home with our cooling system, our own washrooms, and our comfortable beds.

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NO HVAC at the gym

When I was a kid I loved playing all sports. I would play anything that my friends were playing, plus I was pretty wonderful at just about anything that I tried. I was athletic back then, and I really enjoyed being active! Now that I’m older, I don’t participate in athletic events quite as much. I do try to stay fit by going to the gym a few times a week. However it’s not as intense as it used to be. Now, I have to be in an air-conditioned space to get anything done. If my gym didn’t have a good ventilation and cooling system, I absolutely wouldn’t go there. Instead, I would attempt a workout in my spare home office where I could ride a stationary bike beneath an air vent or do a little bit of yoga. I used to play tennis outside in the heat, I would go jogging while in the middle of summer season, and, sometimes, I would even swim laps in the pool. Now, I’m particular and need to be in climate-controlled spaces. If there’s no cooling system, I’m not exercising! Occasionally I long for the days when I was more athletic, although I am making the most of my abilities now. As long as I continue to work out a few days per week, I suppose that I will stay in wonderful shape. I just want to maintain wonderful health at this point in life. I’m not interested in competing with people anymore. I can watch games on TV if I want to expose myself to that kind of thing. I just want to maintain my weight, keep my heart healthy, and stay mobile.

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