Getting grass clippings in my A/C

Since it is towards the end of the summer I like to really maintain my lawn. The grass has gotten really long so that day I started up my mower. When I looked next door my neighbor was doing the same thing. My neighbor likes to copy and always tries to compete with me. I have always loved to garden and landscape. I went and started my mower. Not even 3 minutes later I looked over at my neighbor and she was doing the exact same. When I mow try to make sure that my lines in the lawn are in sync and that I do not get any grass clippings in my air conditioning condensing unit. I tried to not do the same as well to my neighbors air conditioning unit too. Since we live in a housing development all of the houses are right on top of each other and there is very limited amount of space in between my house and my neighbor’s house. Once I was done I put the mower away and wanted to do a few more gardening things. When I went around to the side of the house I was a little upset to find that there was a ton of grass clippings on my condensing unit. I didn’t even bother confronting my neighbor because I knew it was her. I grab grabbed my hose and rinse the air condensing unit off. My HVAC technician has told me to make sure that the outside condensing unit is free of anything within four feet of it.

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Being on a budget

My parents have been talking about remodeling their home for years now. It has become a joke in our family because they always make a ton of plans to do it, but nothing ever ends up happening. If anything they stress more about the costs than they do about what needs to get done. Fortunately, my father recently retired so he has nothing but time to do work on their house. This way, they can eliminate a lot of the contracting costs that usually come with renovations. However, there is one issue that neither my mother or father can avoid for very long. Their HVAC system has finally quit on them and they need to replace it before the winter begins. Since my father has no experience with heating and cooling systems, he needs to hire an HVAC contractor to install the new system. Again, another setback in their budget because they need to pay for an HVAC provider as well as a brand new heating and cooling system. However, it is crucial for my parents to have a heating and cooling system in their home, so there are no excuses to avoid this issue. Since they have saved so much money, I think they are going to install the latest HVAC technology. They are going to have the best of the best with smart thermostats and zone control. I am happy my parents are willing to learn about the newest HVAC systems, but I worry that they are going to lose out on remodeling their home because of the costs. Hopefully, they will chose a heating and cooling system that helps them save money on their monthly utility costs, which can then be put towards another remodeling budget.

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Having my cooling system quit

Working out is great for you. Not only does it keep you in shape, it allows your body to age well. I try to encourage all of my friends and family to go to the gym that I am a member at. We have the newest equipment, clean facilities and a brand new air conditioning system. Even though I get hot during my workouts, I hate the air conditioner being on. My body needs to sweat when I am working out and sometimes the HVAC system is on such a low temperature setting, that I become cold and cramped during my workouts. I am sure that a lot of the members have requested over time to install a newer cooling system because this one is too extreme for being at the gym. If anything, the gym should install bigger fans and eliminate the cold air. We breathe in the cool, air conditioned air and it causes our lungs to feel compressed. Several people begin to cough and have a hard time breathing during their workouts because of this. I have looked up online if it is safe for heavy workouts in air conditioning and many websites say that workouts should be conducted in moderate temperatures to avoid any health risks. Since the cooling system has a thermostat right on the main floor and a remote nearby, I always change the cool setting. People might become irritated with me for turning off their air conditioning, but in the end I am protecting their health. I can’t convince my friends and family to come to my gym if they are going to have their cooling system on such a low setting.


Airport temperatures

I was only 17 when I took my first flight out of the country by myself. My mom bought my plane ticket as she always did, and I had everything settled. Airports always make me really anxious, but over time I’ve learned to manage my anxiety. I also have learned what to do when flying, and specifically flying out of the country. I remember bawling my eyes out because I was so afraid to leave. I think that trip made me a stronger person for doing something so big, the day of my high school graduation. My connecting flight was cancelled however, on my way home from my trip back to the U.S. I arrived into a very air conditioned airport, and wasn’t old enough to rent a hotel room. I panicked, and had my entire luggage by my side. I had 12 hours to wait in the giant air conditioned room. I called my mom and she was getting ready to drive 6 hours to come get me. My friend eventually did, and I was so thankful. It took a while of calling for me to find his car. When I finally got in, his car was as air conditioned as the airport was. But it felt a lot more comfortable knowing that I was getting home soon. Everything was closed in that airport, and the whole space was so open that it made the a/c seem even stronger than it was. I was trying my best not to fall asleep because I was so afraid someone would take my things. At least the air conditioning did keep my hot face more relaxed. I hope I never have a flight cancelled ever again, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to stay in an air conditioned room while super alone again.

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Signs that I need to replace my HVAC unit

It is now summer time and it is time to do all the things that I love to do during the summer. During the summer I love to go swimming to cool down. I love to go hiking to my favorite spots and overlooking beautiful scenery. Being near the water is an easy way for me to cool down during the summer heat. Another way that I love to cool down is by blasting my air conditioner in my house. Sometimes my husband will tell me that we should not be turning up the air conditioning very high because we should preserve energy and money. But when I’m inside and it’s really hot outside I love when my house is cold, especially when I go to bed at night. One night we were awakened by a very large sound. The sound was very loud and it was our air conditioner making a really weird sound. We decided to turn the AC unit off and have to deal with the heat. Then I didn’t sleep very well because I hate sleeping in a very humid house. The next day the HVAC technician came over and told us that something seemed to be wrong with the AC unit. It turns out that the indoor coil of our air conditioning unit was malfunctioning. He told us that we could replace the indoor coil so we listened to our HVAC technician and had him fix it so we could get back to living in a cool house again.

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If it smells like a rat

We had the very unfortunate experience last year of living next door to a home which had been vacant for more than a year. Since we had just moved in, our neighbors were kind enough to fill us in. The former owners had been foreclosed on, and the bank had taken over the ownership. The bank was not in any hurry to sell or rent the place. I wasn’t really all that concerned about the empty house, until one of the nosy neighbors came over and showed me a picture she had taken on her cell phone. The picture showed a family of rats living in the backyard, right next door to me. I was so disgusted I called the bank, the city, the EPA, and the center for disease control. I wasn’t going to be able to sleep until something was done. A few nights later, my two dogs were barking their heads off in the backyard, and it took a few minutes of yelling to get them inside. They were barking at my AC unit. The very next night, I noticed an awful smell coming from the air exchange in the laundry room. Now, I had really had it. I had a feeling about all of this, but called an HVAC tech to come out. He also noticed the awful smell and went right to the outdoor unit. He removed the outer cover, and there it was. My dogs had chased a rat into the fan, and the carcass was rotting inside. Well, they say that truth is stranger than fiction, and this was the truth. I called the bank again, and refused to leave a message, or call back later, or write them a letter of complaint. I stayed on the phone for nearly two hours, but there were pest control and HVAC repairmen at my door the same day.A:C fix

Air filter shopping

The world that we are living now is becoming more and more of a digital one every single day. I can remember when I was back in middle school and having to use Encyclopedias to do all the research I needed for class papers and what not. When we finally got the internet at home that was such a blessing. Now in schools all the kids are issued their very own computer to use and that is awesome and a great tool to be able to help further their education. I sure wish that I would have had that resource when I was in school. That would have drastically helped with all the research that I had to do. We are able to get information easier these days. I was looking online for some filters for my HVAC system in my home and came across a site that ships them to wherever you need them sent. They even specialize in custom filters and they claim they can fit any size filter that they need to. I think that is something that is really great because sometimes it is difficult finding the right size that you need at the store. It’s like trying to find the right size shoe sometimes for a brand that you particularly like. Why even go to the store to buy a filter when you can get it all online from the comfort of your home. Filters are needed frequently to keep the air healthy and pure and so to have them available to order online makes it where you will not have to worry about the air getting too dirty.  

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Using the air conditioner

Summer arrived like a smack in the face last year. It seemed that one day I just woke up, got dressed, and went outside to find that the temperature had gone up ten degrees overnight. It just climbed steadily from there, making the days hot and often miserable. I  found myself keeping my air conditioning on more and more, which raised my electric bill a significant amount. While I hated paying more for my electric each month, I just knew that I could not make it through the days without my air conditioning on. I tried to turn it off in the morning when it was cooler outside but a half hour later, I was sweating so much that I turned it right back on. I was trying to reason with myself and say that it was okay because I knew that I would not be paying that much for my electric all year long, but it was sucking up a good deal of my money every single month. Still, I would rather have my air conditioning on all day long keeping me cool than save a few bucks and sweat to death. Instead of cutting back on how often I used the air conditioner, I had just been using natural light as much as possible and chose to cut back on using the lights in my house to make up for it. I realized that I could go without lights during the day much easier than I could go without air conditioning when it was one hundred degrees outside. When it was that hot, I was more dependent than ever on my air conditioner!

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Discovering that I was sick

I do not normally get sick, so it always catches me off guard when I do get a cold or virus. I have a pretty good immune system, I guess.This past winter, I made it until February without even getting the sniffles! I was so excited. I made the mistake of bragging to my mom that I had not gotten sick. The very next day ended up being colder than normal. I had to grab an actual jacket instead of my normal light sweater, and the day got colder and colder. By the time I got home from work, I was ready to pile on some additional layers and turn on my furnace to warm up my house. I decided to go for a run instead. Normally, a good run warms me up, no matter how cold it is outside. To my surprise, though, my run felt awful! I was sluggish, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not warm myself up. Finally, I gave up about a mile into the run and headed home, where I made myself some hot soup and took a hot shower. I turned up my furnace even more, then turned on two space heaters and pointed them towards me as well. I was still freezing! Finally, it hit me. It was not the temperature outside or a malfunctioning furnace or insufficient space heaters. I had a fever! I checked my temperature, and it was 102 degrees! I went to an urgent care center that night. I never should have boasted about my immune system!

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The air conditioner in the window

I love to reflect on the past and on how things used to be. Times sure change and it is always so much fun to look back and to see how things used to be. When I was a kid we lived in a very small home and did not have a lot, but boy we were surely happy. We were always outside running around trying as it seems to get into some trouble. I can remember running inside to get out of the hot sun and trying to cool down. We didn’t have an HVAC system back then, but we has window AC units in a few of the rooms in our house. We had to have a few of them because one could not cool the house down by its own power. They were only manufactured to cool small areas of the home and so we would all gather around the AC units to try and get the cool air that it was pumping out. They also were made in a way that they could produce heat as well and so when it was cooler outside than we would have those to fall back on as well. Not times have changed and we have an HVAC system that runs the whole home by itself and performs all of the cooling and heating that we need for it to do. Though things are more convenient now I still do love the good old days.

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