some songwriting revelations

I have been writing and recording my own songs for over a decade now and have found it to be the most therapeutic thing I can do. It is an eye opening process in so many ways. I usually write about whatever is troubling me. I know that a song is finished when I have a new sense of perspective on whatever the matter at hand is. So in a way, it helps me understand my situation better but it also allows me to become aware of things that I never would have noticed or thought of otherwise. In a more literal sense, it has also helped me become aware of the fact that my HVAC system had something wrong with it. The thing is, I’m only able to write when the indoor air quality at my house is tolerable. One day I was getting so frustrated when I noticed the air conditioning wasn’t working properly. That’s why I was having a hard time writing! Though the A/C was clearly on (I could hear it humming) there wasn’t much cool air to speak of. The thermostat was set to 68, so it should have been much cooler. Not knowing much about HVAC systems myself, I called my friend, who is a lot more handy than I am, and he came to check out the air conditioner. After about 20 minutes of tinkering, he said it seemed like the main air conditioner unit was overheating and it seemed like the culprit was an overstuffed air filter. Good thing my songwriting tipped me off or else my A/C may have blown up!

central air conditioning 

Living with mom and dad

I have been living in the same house with my parents for thirty years now. I know it’s strange that I was raised here and never really moved out, but I enjoy living here. My mother is getting older and she needs all the help she can get throughout the day. My father, on the other hand, is probably my best friend in the world. We’re always hanging out and working on projects together. Also, my job is just down the road, so what would be the sense in moving out? Most likely the new apartment would be farther from my job. Just one easy example of this arrangement being advantageous is just recently, when my parents were taking out their old furnace and having it replaced with a new one. This thing was a monster. The HVAC supplier team was scheduled to arrive at 11am for the installation, so we had to get the old furnace out by then. If I hadn’t been there, there is no way my father would have been able to lug the heater out all on his own. So he probably would have had to pay the extra charge for the HVAC installation team to remove and dispose of the old one. Luckily though, I was there, and we hauled that furnace beast out together. It took us almost an hour of strategic maneuvers to make room for the new heater. Once the installation squad arrived, I could tell that they were hoping the old furnace was still in place so that they could cash in on their removal service. No such luck.

gas furnace 

HVAC for the gardener

About two years ago, my husband and I moved into our current house. We loved the idea of moving outside of town. We wanted to have more space; not just in the sense of a larger yard, but also living farther away from our neighbors. Privacy, peace, and quiet was what we were going for. So when we came across this house for sale, it seemed perfect. It was originally a big old farm and less than a year after moving in, I started to get a strange sense of duty, like I had to at least plant a vegetable garden. The first spring of planting was fun but as the temperatures rose, it got more challenging. Luckily, our HVAC system is perfect for cooling me down after a long afternoon of gardening. The air conditioner was the only thing that was keeping me going through those long hot days. All of the heating and cooling equipment was actually replaced and upgraded shortly before we moved in. Thermostats are in each area of the house for  separate programming and operation. This HVAC zone control feature makes all the difference. Since my husband works out of his office, his A/C preference is to set it to where there is just a bit of cooling. But when I come in from the garden, I need the air conditioner to be going full blast. In this scenario, I can set the thermostat in the living room as cold as I want it, while my husband can have a mild setting for the A/C in his office.

Being a professional

Growing up, my favorite subject in school was art, and my favorite pastimes included painting, drawing, and using clay to create little sculptures and things. From very early on in my life, art had been a significant aspect of my life and it was always something I wanted to do with my life. Fast forward to present day and you’ll find me as an art student in university, working on gaining my degree. Not only have I appreciated traditional art, but I have also learned and become proficient in digital art and media. This, as well as traditional art, obviously takes up a lot of time, usually in big chunks of work time, sometimes just sitting down and doing a whole project all at once. Since my focus is in digital art, about seventy five percent of my work is done inside.Since I sit inside so much and for so long, I decided it was pretty vital for me to invest in getting a decent heating and cooling system so that I can stay comfortable. Not only did I have the entire heating and cooling system in my house completely remodeled and reinstalled, but I also spent a decent chunk of money in buying space heaters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and coolers. Somebody may think that that is a lot of money to be spending on heating and cooling equipment, but it is all worth it to me. I just want to make sure that I am as comfortable as possible, because otherwise my work will not turn out as nicely as I wish it to.

humidity control

Storing books

Lots of people have been saying that reading is quickly becoming a dying skill. Well, I don’t think I can believe this in the slightest. I mean, reading is and always will be a basic skill that we need to survive and communicate with others, as well as use for recreational purposes. A lot of things require you to read, so it isn’t like reading could ever completely die out. I will admit that physical copies of books have become less popular since the creation of ebooks and other similar methods, since those are a lot more convenient and accessible. I, however, will always be someone who loves the classic, physical book. In fact, I’ve kept basically every book I’ve ever read, and I protect them in a special, temperature-controlled room. I spent a lot of money not just on the books over the years, but the heating and cooling system to protect them. Climate control is pretty important for books. You can’t have just a furnace or other heater because the books will become too hot, and, conversely, a cooling unit will not be very beneficial to them, either. I asked my HVAC provider about it a while back before I had the new system installed and he luckily knew quite a bit on protecting books with HVAC. It made me very relieved when I learned that, because it would mean that I would have an HVAC technician doing work and he actually understood the reasons and everything behind it. Now there’s a field where writing will always be necessary!

residential HVAC 

Outdoor air conditioning

When I purchased my home years ago I knew it had to have air conditioning. I wanted one of those large units that could cool the whole home. These outdoor units are much more efficient than having multiple window air conditioners. It also looks nicer when there aren’t window air conditioners all around the house. Instead you just have to worry about one air conditioner that can be hidden by bushes. I am very happy with my air conditioner so far. I get it serviced every year by the HVAC company that installed it. They come check the belts, fans, and other moving parts. Thanks to them my air conditioner has cooled our house every summer. This summer, however, I will not be able to enjoy my air conditioner. When the HVAC technician came to service my unit he discovered a surprise. He found that a bird had made a nest inside the air conditioner. Apparently there was a spot that the bird could get under the metal covering. The bird had laid eggs already too. Unfortunately if we turn the air conditioner on it will disturb the nest full of eggs. I do not feel comfortable trying to move the nest either; I don’t want to hurt the baby birds. This means that we cannot turn on the air conditioner until all the birds have hatched and flown away. Hopefully it is a cool spring and the house won’t be too uncomfortable. It will be worth it, though, to know the little birds grow up safe and sound.

air conditioner installation

Not sleeping well because of air quality

This autumn I have been waking up at night with a very stuffy nose. I am so uncomfortable that I can hardly get back to sleep. At first I thought it was just a cold. I tried to just tough it out for a while. However it never went away. I started looking into other possible causes. One of my coworkers mentioned that they had the same problem. Their solution was to install an air purifier as well as a humidifier. They have these two pieces of equipment in addition to their HVAC unit. Most people may not realize that the air quality inside their house is bad. Furthermore dry air can bother sinuses and cause the problems that I was experiencing. I began to research air purifiers as well as humidifiers. When I finally purchased them I was skeptical about how well they would work. I have the air purifier set up in my room and the humidifier set up in a central point of the house. I let both run for a full day to see what would happen when I went to bed that night. To my surprise I did not wake up until my alarm went off. Furthermore my nose was not stuffed up and I felt much better than normal. That day at work I told my coworker about the results. Thanks to the air purifier and humidifier I am able to sleep comfortably again. I can’t believe I was uncomfortable for so long when the solution was this simple and easy.

Hot floors

Getting out of bed in the morning is nearly impossible. I can’t even fathom it sometimes, when the temperature inside my house is below sixty degrees. The floors in my home are all tile, and walking around (barefoot or not) is almost unbearably cold. I never keep my heat on very high because I have a lot of electronics that need a cold environment. I’m a computer programmer and so I have a lot of my own servers. Because my home is so small, I have to air condition the entire house in order to keep everything from overheating. Building a room off of the house solely for my servers would be ideal, but it is a lot of money to consider. My certified HVAC technician buddy gave me a cheaper alternative that I really found to be intriguing. He told me that he could install heated floors inside my home, and that way it wouldn’t change the air temperature but I’d still be able to walk barefoot around my house and be a little warmer. My dog would really enjoy this because he could lay on the floors and not be freezing. I don’t have the heart to keep him off the furniture right now because I know how cold the tile gets. But if I installed a heated floor inside my house, I’d have no problem making sure he didn’t curl up on the couch. Because of the constant air conditioning, it’d actually be much warmer for him being on the floor. I’m gonna call my buddy and let him know I want in.A:C

Forgetting to turn the furnace on

Dinner with my mother is always a production. She is very picky with every single thing. This last get together, we went to our favorite Korean bbq spot in town. First of all, my mother drove around the parking lot looking for a spot to park. We circled about 30 times waiting for one of the front spots to open up. Then inside the restaurant, she had to find the perfect spot to sit. Not too far from the bathrooms, and not too close to the front door so that it doesn’t get breezy. After putting our drink orders in, my mother complained to me about the air temperature. She said it felt very cold inside the restaurant, despite the fact that we were surrounded by people grilling at their tables. As she was mentioning it, I was feeling it as well. Winter time can be very freezing where I’m from, and a solid furnace is very important in every building. It felt as if the Korean BBQ didn’t have their furnace running at all. My ma obviously wanted to get out of there for someplace different, but I really enjoy the delicious BBQ. I asked the waiter to check the thermostat, and he did just that. Turns out whomever opened the restaurant for dinner service forgot to turn the furnace on. No one noticed because it wasn’t completely cold due to all the hibachi grills. Usually I can’t stand my mother and her complaining, but this was one time where she was actually right to point out the flaws.

gas furnace 

Controlling my thermostat

I have been blessed to have seen my small business grow right in front of my eyes. I founded it almost twenty five years ago and now that I am nearing retirement age, I am doing less and less on a daily basis at the company. I have hired some trusted people to make decisions on my behalf. This means that I am able to spend more time at home and enjoy time with my wife. We have a fairly large home in a suburban area of town and we are very happy here. I think a large reason why we are so content is because I made this house as comfortable as possible. First, I had modern HVAC equipment wired into this house going back about two years now. When you get old like us, the temperature becomes much more important to you. While getting the right appliances in your home to regulate the temperature is important, it means nothing if you don’t have wall units to control them. I have three separate thermostats on my property and I can control all of them with a touch of a button on my smartphone or tablet. It is truly an amazing way to control heating and cooling equipment and I would have never imagined it possible a decade or two ago. I plan on living at least another twenty years and this amazing system will make those years’ happy ones, I am sure of that. For now, I will just rely on my trusted HVAC provider to care for my units.air purification