HVAC at my first concert

The first concert I went to was one of the worst and best experiences of my life. I was 12 years old and my mom bought me concert tickets to go see the boy band that my friends and I were obsessed with. After school during the weekdays, we would all go to each other’s houses and blast our favorite song by the band and dance around our rooms for hours. It’s so funny but at the time we thought we were cool and we were having a ton of fun in the moment. There were posters of that band all over my bedroom. I had a major crush on the lead singer, so when my mom got me those tickets I flipped out. I was able to bring two friends along. We made t shirts, posters and were ready to go. Since it was our first concert experience, we had no clue what to expect. We walked into the venue which was huge. It was actually very overwhelming. It was huge but it was crowded with so many people at the same time. Since there were so many people there, it felt very warm. Within ten minutes, we were sweating. It felt as if the air conditioning was not on. I was shocked since it was a sold out show. It actually felt like the heater was on. We waited and waited and the band came on stage an hour late. Finally, they came on stage and at the same time, I felt the air conditioning kick on. The first song they played was my favorite and instantly, we were all happier.

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Differences in preferred temperature

When people come over to my house to hang out I feel like they always notice the same thing- that my family members are always constantly fighting with each other. Well, not fighting of course, but you know, bickering and pestering each other about the most pointless things. Although, I don’t have much room to even talk about it either, since I take part in the bickering and whatnot too. Lately, my family has taken up the subject of HVAC as the new focal point to their arguments. My younger brother loves when the house feels cold and brisk. My mother and sister, on the other hand, say that the only way to go is to have the heater running all day long. I prefer when the air conditioner is on more than when the heater’s on, but I don’t like it cooling the house as much as my brother, and it wouldn’t matter that much if the heater was on, either. My dad was sick of us yelling about something as silly as HVAC, so he called an HVAC contracting company. Surprisingly, there was actually something that could easily stop the arguing, which was zoned temperature control. That way, we could all set our own rooms to the temperatures we prefer, and we didn’t have to stress about whether we all wanted the heater or air conditioner to be on. We decided to go ahead and get it installed, and the HVAC fights ended immediately. Well, except for the times where my brother leaves the HVAC running while nobody’s home, which we aren’t supposed to do. We still bicker during those times, but it doesn’t really have to do with the actual heating and cooling anymore.


Dry walling and there’s lots of dust

I recently made a really stupid mistake. I decided it was a good idea to tear down the walls in my bedroom. I removed all my furniture but left my rug where it is. I laid down a few floor covering but nothing too serious. I then proceeded to tear down all the walls to then replace with new. The dry walling experience went not too bad. I had to wear a face mask and goggles since it was so dusty in the room though. I eventually had to open a window and my bedroom door to air it out. I knew the dust from the tear down process was already safely on my bedroom floor. There is no way the debris would leave that contained area. Well I made a huge issue with my HVAC unit. I have a central heating and cooling unit that uses ductwork to transfer air. The ductwork travels through my walls and ceilings. There are opening throughout my entire home that allow the air to flow into my desired rooms. I have a vent in my bedroom. I also demand to have my bedroom air-conditioned. I forgot to turn off the A/C and then it kicked on when I was working. The dust then was blown around by the cool air and was released outside my door. Now my entire home and walls are covered in white dust. I should have turned off the HVAC unit or at least altered the thermostat. I did not realize how powerful my unit was.

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Getting A/C to help my son

When my son graduated from high school he was working part-time at a local skating rink.  In order for him to save up some money to buy the car that he wanted he decided he needed more income.  A friend of his was sealing driveways seven days per week and offered him a job sealing during the day which allowed him to still work at the rink at night.  He started sealing on the first Monday in June.  By Friday he had a headache that he just couldn’t seem to shake.  The only time he had any relief from the headache is when he went up into his room and turned the window air conditioning unit on.  We quickly realized why he was having such issues with headaches.  It was the heat.  At the time, we didn’t have central air conditioning in the house.  We only had air conditioning in our bedrooms and used them primarily at night while we were sleeping.  We decided that it was time to call our local HVAC provider to get air conditioning throughout the entire house.  Our HVAC technician came out and was able to assess our situation and made some recommendations that were intended to resolve our comfort issues.  We now have air conditioning throughout the house and quite honestly, I don’t know how we ever lived without it.  What a difference it has made in our lives.   We sleep better at night, we enjoy daytime activities outside knowing that if the heat gets to be too much we can go into a climate controlled home and relieve our bodies from the stress of the heat. And the best part is that my son doesn’t have to suffer with heat headaches anymore! The air conditioning provides the relief that we all so desperately needed!

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A heater breakdown

Living in a northern area can bring with it some pretty cold winters.  Last year was relatively mild but when it was cold, it was bitterly cold.  When that first winter storm hit in early October we really needed our heating system working at top performance.  Unfortunately, I neglected to have our furnace serviced by an HVAC technician in the fall like I should have.    When I hit the button on the thermostat to turn the furnace on it would not turn on.  Needless to say having an HVAC technician come out for furnace service became priority number one.  In the meantime I was using any method possible for heating the house.  I had the stove going as much as possible, I was running electric heaters, and the fireplace ran constantly.  I was wearing layer upon layer of clothing and it still was not as warm in the house as I would have liked.  My nose was running, my hands were cold and it made something as simple as watching television very uncomfortable.  When the HVAC technician came out he determined that there was a part that he needed in order to fix the furnace.  He did not have the part with him as it was something that needed to be ordered and would take about 2-3 days to come in.   It struck me that this was one of those situations where you really miss something once it is gone.  That was the longest three days of my life, needless to say I will never again forget to have furnace service done in the fall.

Summer weather

When I was a child I loved playing outside, especially when the weather was warm from the sun beating down on us as we played.  As I recall those grueling summers during as a kid, one thing always strikes me; the heat. Because I grew up in a humid climate, it was constantly hot outside. One thing you learn quickly about temperature and humidity, is that the humidity makes even relatively cool temperatures in other climates results in what feels like very hot weather. Even the most menial of outdoor activities can result in copious amounts of sweat, a fact I was never too keen on as a young boy. However, no matter how hot it was outside, it was almost always a comfortable seventy to seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit inside, and I always found it remarkable how instantaneously cooler I felt after coming inside. Aside from an ice cold sweet tea or lemonade, the most refreshing thing about coming indoors was the cool air from the air conditioner returning my overheated body to a more comfortable temperature. And the, fortunately, few times our HVAC unit needed repair I became acutely aware of just how important a utility it was to me and my family. On top of that, my parents ensured I understood the value of the air conditioning unit we were privileged enough to enjoy, citing numerous experiences they had with a similarly exhaustive climate without the benefit of an air conditioner.  From time to time I think back on these childhood experiences, just to reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to live in a humid environment and still enjoy a cool climate on a consistent basis.

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Technology is always changing

It seems every day something else is connected wirelessly to everything else in the world. Computers and wireless communication has made our daily lives incredibly convenient in a lot of ways. Everything from phones to televisions have been turned into “smart” devices; devices that can do far more than was ever previously conceived, and as a result we now view them as irreplaceable. Now, this same “smart” technology is making its way into the home appliance sector of the market with the advent of a smart thermostat. Imagine, for a moment, that you are sitting on your couch watching television, maybe bound up in a cozy blanket with your pet or significant other, but you start feeling hot because you’re under a blanket and the thermostat is set on seventy-four from earlier that evening. But you have a smart thermostat, which means from the comfort of your couch you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone to a temperature more conducive to late night lounging with a blanket.  But more than this, smart thermostats can be programmed to change temperature automatically, without any need for manual input. In fact, many smart thermostats on the market even learn from your behavior and change their settings based on your past temperature setting decisions. Thanks to all of these innovations in the way we view our air conditioning systems, I no longer have to go through the hassle of getting up every few hours to change the temperature; as we all know the environment around us is ever changing, and my home is no exception. I look forward to finally installing one of these smart thermostats into my home, if for no other reason than the convenience of the system.A:C

A smart thermostat can be a good investment

I don’t usually like change, and I’m a complete moron when it comes to technology.  When my son suggested that I invest in a smart thermostat, I figured it would be a disaster.  The thermostat links to my phone and let’s me control my HVAC system from just about anywhere.  Considering that I can barely send a text message, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to operate it.  I was worried that I’d try to take a picture with my phone, and end up shutting off my furnace in the middle of January.  The smart thermostat has actually been a wonderful decision.  It has made my life more convenient, my home more comfortable, and significantly cut down on my energy bills.  It is super easy to operate.  There is a touchscreen that guided me through setup and makes it simple to access different programs.  There is a sleep mode that automatically adjusts the temperature in the house to conserve energy while my family is in bed for the night.  By the time we get up in the morning, the thermostat has the house perfectly comfortable.  I have also programmed the thermostat to make adjustments for when my husband and I are at work, and the kids are at school.  I don’t need to remember to turn the thermostat down or up.  And if I get out of work early, I can make changes from my smartphone, while I’m still at my desk.  One of the best features is the maintenance notifications.  I automatically get a text message when the filter needs to be changed or if it’s time to schedule seasonal service.

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Restaurants and their HVAC unit

Spring is finally here and the cold winter temperatures are finally warming up. Nice weather makes me want to get out and do something. Last night I wanted to try a new restaurant. I have heard lots of good things about this restaurant but I had not tried it yet. Honestly the snow and cold during winter kept me indoor most of the time. Now that it’s finally spring, though, I ventured out to try the restaurant. When I got there I was startled by how hot it was inside. Apparently this restaurant had not changed the thermostat for spring. Hot air was flowing from all the vents on the ceiling. It was warm enough outside that I did not even wear a jacket. I knew I would become overheated very quickly here but we decided to stay anyway. I sat down and had to order a cold beer immediately. The beer helped to cool me down as the heater kept warming up the dining area. I cannot imagine how the staff handled this hot environment. Finally I asked the waitress why the heater was turned up so high. She said that the owner of the restaurant was the only one that could change the thermostat. The problem was that the owner was away on vacation. She said that they would not be able to change the thermostat until he returned. I could not believe that the owner would not let the staff control the thermostat. His customers were suffering in this overheated restaurant because of that. I probably will not be coming back.A:C products

Taking care of my HVAC unit

My vehicle has been in and out of the mechanic’s shop a lot lately. It seems like everything broke all at once. They would get one part of my vehicle fixed and something else would go wrong. I certainly did not have time for all this trouble. Without my vehicle I had to walk to work. I also spent a lot of money on each repair. Because of all this I decided to have an HVAC technician come look at my HVAC unit at home. After having my vehicle break so much I wanted to prevent that from happening to my heating and cooling unit. Having an HVAC technician do preventative maintenance ensures that my home will always have good climate control. I cannot imagine being without my HVAC system in the hot summers or cold winters around here. The best part is that a yearly visit from the HVAC technician does not cost a ton of money. It is cheaper to have them check your HVAC system than it would be to make a big repair. With this preventative maintenance I am helping to ensure that my HVAC unit never breaks down. When the technician comes they check all the wires and belts. They also clean the ducts and ensure my thermostat is working properly. Thankfully the technician has never found a serious problem yet. However, if they do, they can fix it that day. This maintenance gives me reassurance that my HVAC unit is always going to work when I turn it on. This cannot be said for my vehicle though.

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