What is HVAC?

I was perusing the web the other day and decided to look up different businesses near me. I had just moved to a small town and wanted to see what was close by. I found some pizzerias, some Chinese food spots, surfboard shops, medical centers; the list goes on and on. It seemed like everything I could possibly need was right in this small town. One thing I did notice was that there were a ton of HVAC businesses. I had no idea what HVAC was so I decided to look it up. It stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is anything to do with cooling or heating of a home, business, vehicle, etc. Refrigeration can also be included in that and can be known as HVAC&R. Most people never think about their HVAC units until there is a problem which presents itself. It is also usually at the most inconvenient time. I was glad to see that there was a business by me that was open 24 hours a day! That made me feel more comfortable in case something were to happen late at night when most places are closed. I perused through different pricing of all HVAC installations and repairs and even replacements. I was shocked at how expensive everything was! They even had the prices for installing solar panels on there – it was an average of $20,000 per installation. These costs proved that regular maintenance on your system is key because otherwise the repair or replacement costs of these HVAC machines are expensive and you would be throwing your money away!

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Embracing the sounds

A couple of weeks ago I had a very long and very boring discussion with my mom and dad about how I need to start taking better care of my stuff. Sure, sometimes I forget to do my laundry for a few weeks or months, but it does not bother anyone else. My room is dirty. Maybe that is just the way that I like it. But of course my mom and dad could care less. They just want it clean. So I have been trying to keep it cleaner to appease my parents. They finally said I was doing such a good job that they would reward me by buying me an air conditioner for my bedroom. I was so excited that I would no longer have to sweat all day and night during the upcoming summer. But when I turned it on for the first time, it started making this awful noise. I realized that I had accidentally spilled some coffee on it a few days prior. It must have ruined a part of the machine. I felt awful. I had ruined my brand new air conditioner. I told my parents about my AC issues and asked if they could take it back and get a new air conditioner. They told me that my punishment was to listen to that horrible noise all summer long, and that maybe then I would learn how to better take care of my things. I really messed up. Now, next time I even think about getting my room a little bit dirty or bringing coffee in here, I will think back to that air conditioner.

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Choosing a new car

Choosing a new vehicle is a serious pain in the butt. I have had the same car since I was just seventeen years old in highschool. My dad bought me my first car and it has lasted me quite a long time. I have never had any serious issues with it until this past summer when the air conditioning unit in my car stopped working all of a sudden. So I told my dad about my issues and he decided to give me a small loan to help with my purchase of a new car. I need a car to get back and forth to work everyday. My old car did that just fine so I hoped I would find a car just as great as my old car had been. I went to a local dealership to look at cars. I told the dealership people that I absolutely needed a great car that had even better air conditioning than my last car had. I really did not need anything else besides that. I drove about eighteen cars before I found the right car for me. Luckily my dad had been there to help me throughout the entire car shopping process. After all the process itself really was a lot more difficult and definitely a lot more annoying than I had expected it to be. Now I have a brand new car that has an amazing air conditioning system. I have never been so thankful for a brand new car in my entire life. Now I can drive back and forth to work comfortably, without being too hot.

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Air conditioning on the airplane

I write this as I sit on an airplane. Flying to a city many many miles away from my home. I am traveling on a business trip alone, as usual. The plane is packed full. From single travelers like myself, to families, and many small children who can’t seem to stop whining. Luckily the plane has wifi so I am able to keep myself occupied. That is, until, I realized that I was getting very hot and sweaty. I reached up to adjust the knob on my air conditioner. You know, the tiny little knob above the seats. Unfortunately it appeared to be broken and nothing even resembling cold air from an air conditioner was coming out of it. I asked my flight attendant if they could fix it and they said they knew nothing about air conditioning buttons or knobs for that matter. So, I write this as I sit on a very hot and crowded flight. Wishing that I had something even resembling air conditioning blowing on my face. God knows I’ll look like a hot mess for my business meeting in five hours. So on this very sad and annoyed note from me, I advise all travelers to make sure that they are in a seat with an air conditioning knob that works before they depart to their destination, and to be sure to look into whether or not the plane that you will be traveling on has good enough air conditioners to keep you satisfied and comfortable throughout your entire flight. Otherwise, you will end up just like me. Hot and annoyed, and strolling into your business meeting looking like you spent the night in a dumpster.

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Repairing the HVAC unit

I just recently moved into a brand new house. It took a few months to build since we started from the ground up. This is something that my husband and I always wanted to do. We rented an apartment when we first started dating and we would always buy houses that were much older and not as modern. What I do miss about our old house is our HVAC system. I knew the ins and outs of that HVAC system because it was an older HVAC system. The HVAC system that we have now in our new house is very modern and I have no idea how to do simple repairs on it. I had to ask my neighbors if they could recommend me a local HVAC technician. I got his number and called him to schedule an appointment. I wanted a professional to do the repairs and maintenance on the system. With my old HVAC system I was able to cycle the breakers and ensure that they were in the on position. I could even pinpoint where the breakers were and made sure that they were on. I could easily clean my air filters and change them out with no problem. However with this new system I don’t even know where the air filters are located. I even had to have the HVAC technician show me how to use a thermostat since we have a smart thermostat and it’s digital. Since my husband and I did want a more modern home it has been a little tricky for us to learn these new and technological ways. space heater

HVAC in my hotel room

Many young adults cannot wait until they are out of school and can leave their parents’ homes without guilt to discover themselves. A very popular way young adults do this is by taking a road trip across the United States. It is as if discovering America helps people discover themselves. However, the amount of preparation is up to the adventurers. Some of these amateur travellers want to have every detail of their trips planned out so they can focus on the scenery. Others believe that figuring out their stops along the way is simply part of the journey. One place both types travellers are bound to visit before the end of their trips are hotels. Imagine two young adults decide to take a road trip. One has his trip planned out, and the other does not. The first has budgeted enough money and has made reservations to stay at four star hotels through a travelling website while the other ends up staying in hotels along the roads he travels. The second one decides to go to cheaper hotels because he does not know how far his money will take him on his journey. When the first one arrives at his hotel, he takes a shower, sets the temperature in the room, and falls asleep in his bed quickly. The second one, however, does not have the best experience. The air conditioning unit in his room is not working. After a long drive, he simply wants to go to sleep. However, the troubles with the air conditioner cost him a few hours of sleep and he is restless throughout the night due to discomfort. The air conditioners in hotels affect the experience and stay of the travellers who choose to stay the night.

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HVAC in our hospital

Recently, I got in an accident so I had to go to the hospital. It wasn’t anything too incredibly major, but I had broken my leg, so I had to stay there overnight because no one would be able to pick me up that night. I don’t really have a problem with hospitals, unlike a lot of people. I know everyone scared because there’s people who are very sick, but the hospital staff makes sure everything is quite sanitary, so I really do not have an issue with that. I hate the food at hospitals, but I didn’t have to eat any of my meals there, so that was not an issue. Now, there was a problem still, even with those two issues out of the way. They were running the air conditioning way too high in that hospital. It was truly awful. I was laying in bed, unable to sleep because of how high the air conditioner was running. It was not cool at all. Well, it was literally cool, because of how cold the thermostat was set too. But I was not comfortable at all, and I barely got any sleep that night. In fact, if the point of me staying in the hospital was in order to spend the night, why did I even need to? I didn’t sleep a wink! I swear, I asked the nurses to please turn on the heater about five times, but they never did. They really should invest in something like zoned temperature control, because that way some patients can have a cooled room while others can use the heater.heater repair

Cleaning out my mom’s house

There is never a good time to lose someone in your life. This may be a death or a conflict in the relationship. Whatever it may be losing someone in your life is never easy to go through. I recently just lost my mom. She passed away and it was up to me and my brother to clean out my mom’s house. We needed to clean the house out so she could sell it. As we were getting ready to put it up for sale we realized that we needed to check her HVAC system. She had been living in the house quite awhile. We needed to make sure the HVAC system would run properly for a while longer for the next family to move in. We checked the air filter and the system. We ran it a bit to see if it was working. We did all these things but felt like we still needed to see if there were any problems further than what we could assess. It turns out that there was nothing else we could do. We dialed the phone number for an HVAC business as close to the house as we could find. He came to the house and did a check on the system. Everything was working fine. He cleaned it to start the system off well for the next people. We were glad we called the HVAC technician because we could be sure that the system was running well. It was going to work for the next family. If you ever think you need an HVAC system check, feel free to call an HVAC business newer to you.

Boiler alert

During a routine check of our HVAC system the technician found a few concerns.  We purchased our home three years ago and everything passed the home inspection.  Things have been going great.  We have made some upgrades to areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and even the sunroom that is attached to the house.  We love the area that we live in.  Our children’s school is great and there are community events going on weekly it seems.  Life is running as it should.  However, we recently found that our gas boiler was not.  With the additions to the house we installed radiant flooring in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.  This is was simply tied into the boiler system.  This seemed to go along smoothly.  We did notice that the system seemed to be working harder and turning on more frequently but contributed that to the colder than normal winter.  Upon closer inspection by our HVAC technician, we found that we had been over taxing the older boiler.  It was installed years ago and was simply not equipped to handle the added requirements of the heated floors.  After speaking with the sales manager from our heating and cooling store, we were able to come up with a logical solution.  Not only would the new boiler system handle the job, it would be much more energy efficient as well.  Over time, the money spent having the old boiler replaced will be saved in our monthly heating bills.  In addition, we will have peace of mind that on some cold winter night we will not have the system shut down from being overworked.


Everybody out!

I received an alarming call from my daughter the other day.  She was home from college on break and my husband and I were both at work.  My phone rang followed by a text that simply read 911.  I knew this was very important so called right away.  My daughter told me that there was smoke coming from the heat vent.  She had left the house and called the fire department.  They were at the house investigating the problem.  When I arrived home I was put at ease that there was not an actual fire.  Once they had cleared the house they informed me that I had faulty wiring on my electric furnace.  I would need to have it fixed before anyone could stay in the house.  I called and made arrangements for us to stay at my friend’s house for a few days.  My husband contacted the local HVAC specialist to come repair the wiring.  When it comes to anything as crucial as your electrical systems, call the professionals.  They are trained to fix the problem and are insured as well.  The expense was thankfully covered by my homeowner’s insurance and most importantly, we were all safe.  I do not want to think what I would have come home to if my daughter had not been home and noticed the problem.  Our furnace is working fine and we will have it inspected on a yearly basis from here on out.  The peace of mind is worth the time and money spent on such an important item.  With regular service I am sure it will continue running fine for years to come.

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