Grocery Store HVAC Problem

Last summer, I was forced to take on a part time job due to some excess bills I had to pay. The best I could find was a job as a produce clerk at a local supermarket. I wasn’t really excited about it, but I was really left with no choice in the matter. The bills had to be paid! So, off I went to my new job. The first week was pretty dull, but things got exciting in week two when we had an issue with the store’s heating and cooling system. The day had started normally, but about partway through my shift we all heard the air conditioner simply stop working. We had a very loud air conditioner, so it was easy to notice when it had stopped. The air conditioner was very important to a supermarket, especially to the produce section. A lot of the fruits and vegetables were temperature sensitive, so we were forced to run around the store gathering ice for a lot of our stock. The air conditioner epidemic had caused quite the humorous scene in our small grocery store. The manager called an HVAC technician as soon as he found out about the problem. Luckily, the HVAC business had an on duty technician that was available to come out that day. I hoped the HVAC technician would be able to fix it quickly, because I was not looking forward to playing the ice game tomorrow! About 15 minutes before my shift ended, I heard the miraculous sound of the air conditioner turning on. I was so grateful. My hands were killing me from being exposed to ice bags all day!

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My New Job Got Me A New HVAC System

When I was younger, I used to play with toy cars all the time. My parents would try to make me play with toys that resembled a doctor’s tools, such as a toy stethoscope. But I was always more interested in the cars. As I continued to grow, my parents pushed me hard to become a doctor. So that is what I did. I studied hard, went to medical school, and because a practicing medical doctor. Yet, I always kept my interest in cars. I learned how they were made, how they worked, and always kept up to date on the newest models. One day, I realized I was not satisfied with being a doctor. So, despite my parents dreams, I quit my doctoring job and got a job as a local car salesman. Now I love my job! I even because employee of the year, which won me a great prize. A brand new HVAC system! My old HVAC system was out of date and barely worked, but this brand new HVAC unit comes with air conditioning, a furnace, and even a fancy mobile thermostat! That means I can change the temperature in my house on my phone, computer, or any other mobile device. Because I moved for the car salesman job, I am now not only enjoying the sun, but the air conditioning! I could not be more happy with my brand new job, and my brand new HVAC system! Next time my parents try to get me to go back to my old position as a doctor, I am going to tell them that.

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University dining hall

As the students arrive back to the university after summer break, it can be very hectic for school staff at that time.   I happened to be at the college one week early, having only recently been hired in the bakery department.  I will be arriving at 4 am every morning to assist the head baker.  But for today, I was there to complete my employee on-boarding.  The school was getting a restoration of several buildings just in time for the new school year. In fact, just the day before the contractor had completed a brand new complete HVAC installation and since it is a kitchen, an all new air purification system was also installed. The painter had just finished painting the tape around the air filters. Aesthetically, the air filters in the kitchen are actually pleasant looking.  Draping down from the ceiling, all painted black with all the chrome HVAC and air purification equipment nearby.   Since the university is into a multi-million dollar renovation and this building is so old, the scheduling is not as planned, since the new HVAC equipment was supposed to be in last week.  With new flooring being laid, the school opted for radiant heat in some areas of the building so the students would be warm from the floor up during our severely cold winters.  A remnant from the past is a giant corner brick fireplace, maintained for the beauty and history, but no longer used for heat.  That’s why, after so many years this building will have an all new HVAC system completely installed in the next few weeks. The radiant heat will warm everything from the ground up.  The students will stay warm while sitting on the couch in the nearby study, a much quieter room, allowing for some book time on the couch.

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Installing a smart thermostat is a smart decision

I decided to have a smart thermostat installed in my home awhile ago. At first I thought it was just a luxury that I didn’t necessarily need, but over time it became difficult to imagine living without. Not only can I control my thermostat remotely but I am able to monitor my HVAC system closely to save money in energy costs. The programming is exceptionally easy with the smart app. I love adjusting my thermostat a lot better with the use of my phone instead of having to go to the actual thermostat. It is especially nice if I need to make an emergency adjustment and don’t have the time to run to the thermostat. Instead I can just hurry up and go do what I need to do and quickly make an adjustment on my phone when I have a moment of free time. I think back when I didn’t have this amazing feature for my HVAC system and it really would have been nice to have made this installment earlier. I could have saved so much more money! It really helps me see a clear picture as to how efficiently my HVAC system is running. It alerts me if there are any spikes in energy costs or loss in efficiency so I know when I need maintenance. This is indeed the future of HVAC technology and once you move forward, you’ll never want to go back! I have recommended this to friends and sometimes ask if they think their TV remote is too much of a luxury. They laugh at that because who doesn’t use a TV remote these days? It’s so much better than a simple TV remote though because it provides you with all the necessary details with how your HVAC system is running. I recommend this feature to all of my friends!

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The heater assistance

     Last fall something in me said to call our local HVAC provider to get a check up on our cooling and heating system, before the winter weather hit. We had been having very mild winters the past few years. But, recently, we have had some seriously crazy weather. All through the summer we were on a roller coaster of temperatures, and our thermostat didn’t know which approach to take at times. We had a fairly serious heat wave, and it felt like our air conditioning was on for long times, when actually, it was likely only a few weeks. Once that passed by and we got back to some normal temperatures, and we didn’t end up needing the HVAC unit at all for a couple weeks, we had the strangest cold spell on record, to our summer season! We actually had to turn the heater on part way through July! So, now I was convinced that this winter could get pretty bad for our town. After all, we hadn’t expected the summertime temperatures to rise and fall like they did, because they put some severe mileage on our HVAC system. When they came out to get started on the vents, their first comment was the amount they could tell we had been using it. In fact, it was so well used, that he had to change out every one of the air vent filters and strip the ductwork. I am really glad I called him out for the service check now. They will tell you, that the number of calls they get in the dead of winter, is insane, and people are often left waiting for over a week, in the bitter cold, without any heat, before they can come to fix their HVAC system.

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HVAC device and medical needs

    I have been dealing with a mystery illness for a few years now. I have been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count. Mostly, I am having really hard problems with breathing. They can’t seem to identify why I have the problem. I have been tested for various allergies and nothing has shown up. The one thing they truly do know, is that when I am in the hospital, my symptoms tend on being alleviated. We have processed this through and through to no avail. Finally, it dawned on me, the non-medical professional, anytime I am in processed air conditioning or heating, I breathe normally. Could that be a solution to the problem? Was there actually contaminants, which don’t show as allergies, that can be causing me to struggle with my breathing? I was so fed up of being in the hospital that I had to give it a try. I called the local HVAC retail store and asked how soon they could send a technician to my house, for a full heating and cooling assessment.. Once he walked in the house, I was immediately made to feel validated. He found red flags for health issues, all over the house. He pointed out how rundown the vents were and the fact that former owner never changed out air filters. The ductwork was shot, so he suggested starting totally anew by adding an entirely new, upgraded fresh air system. When it was all in place, there wasn’t a breathing issue anymore. I really learned a lesson on self-care that day, and the importance of house care.

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The HVAC filters have holes

My family and I had to contact an HVAC company this weekend. We had a rather strange anomaly happen, and I still can’t believe it even happened. I changed out the air filter on Saturday morning, just like I do every single month. There was nothing unusual happening with our HVAC system, and I had properly installed the air filter. A few hours after I had placed the air filter within the system, my wife and I could hear a strange sound emitting from the unit. I thought the sound would go away on it’s own, but it was still there quite a few hours later. I opened the HVAC unit, to make sure I properly installed the air filter. When I opened the environment filter housing area, there wasn’t much of the filter left except for the rectangular box shape. The air filter apparently was bad, because the entire thing was sucked up in the unit. I didn’t know what should be done about this issue, so I decided to switch off the system completely. We immediately called an HVAC contractor, who came over to help us with the difficulty. Our HVAC contractor told us that it was the strangest thing that he had seen. The technician easily removed the pieces of the air filter and advised us to contact our air filter manufacturing company, because it seemed to definitely be defective. When I contacted the air filter company on Monday evening, they told me that these air filters were on recall. Our Hardware store should never have had them on the display, and they refunded us our money. They also sent a free box of air filters. I sure hope that never happens again.

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HVAC device trouble

Many years ago, my wife and I got married. We drove all night long, because we could only marry in some states. We drove twelve long hours, to end up at the capitol of our nation. We got married upon the steps of the capitol building, with many thousands of onlookers watching in the great distance. It was a wonderful day for us, full of much laughter and smiles. When we finished saying our vows, we left to locate our hotel room. We stayed outside the city, because the hotels have been so expensive. We had made reservations with a local hotel, and it was not of the major chains. The desk employees were super pleasant, and that really made us feel instantly delightful. The hotel room, was actually a bit of a disaster on the other hand. The room was very old and rather outdated. The carpet had to be well over 20 years old, and the bathroom fixtures looked even older. I activated the HVAC system, hoping some air would dissipate the musty smell. I set the HVAC system to a cool setting. When the system kicked on, we heard some sort of loud zap sound. It sounded something like a spark, but we didn’t see any fire coming from the HVAC unit. I didn’t really know what to say about it to the front desk, thus we went about our daytime. The HVAC unit appeared to be in fine working order, and that was good enough for me. We left the bedroom, to go out in search of munchies. By the time that we returned, there were fire trucks everywhere we looked. Our HVAC unit had caused a smaller fire in our room.

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HVAC is all ruined

The holidays are especially great and I look forward to this season. I get to see acquaintances and family that I have not talked to for months and I get to try new recipes. I love having people over for supper and being able to “wow” them with my culinary skills. It is late fall and a few weeks ago I decided to have a small dinner party to explore some new creations I had designed for Thanksgiving. I figured it was better to make sure people loved them before the main occasion. I worked for numerous hours, making sure the timing of everything was perfected. Then a problem struck! About an hour before my guests were meant to arrive, my HVAC system quit working on me. I checked all the fuses inside of the basement and even tried turning the system on and off a couple of times to see if I could get it going again. I was not successful! I called the emergency HVAC number for repairs and they said it would be at least three hours before they may have a technician at the house. I had planned on preparing a beautiful roast beef with perfectly hot mashed potatoes and gravy. The temperature in my home was dropping much too quickly so I had to change the menu so to roast beef sandwiches & potato salad. There would have been no chance to keep the meal hot once it was set on the table. I was disappointed but my guests seemed to be satisfied with the meal anyway. By the time the HVAC technician arrived to my house, it was down to 60 degrees and I was huddled under a blanket with a hot drink attempting to stay warm. He was in a position to fix it, thankfully and now I will have to do another trial run to get my perfect dinner ready.

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Tropics and temperature control

Most of the older people in our community spend the cold winter months in the coastal areas down south. They just didn’t have the patience for those cold snowy winters. I can’t really blame them and wouldn’t mind too much vacationing somewhere warm myself when I reach their age. I remember as a kid going to stay  with my grandparents one season and it was nice to have a small break from shoveling snow but I was also glad to be back home when I got back. It was my very first time ever experiencing that type of atmosphere and I decided that the heat and humidity were not something I fancied much. I know living up in the north we are cooped up in our houses for months at a time for the reason that extreme temperatures cause us to live in our climate controlled homes. It is funny to listen to people who live in the south because they often will say that they do not understand how we can manage to live that type of lifestyle, without realizing that they do the same thing. It is true that they will venture outside without putting on many layers of clothing however the heat can be so intense they must also stay in their air conditioned and climate controlled spaces to remain comfortable. Instead of putting on layers of clothing to go outside they must put on layers of sunscreen and hope they aren’t sweating it all off. I will always take living in the north in the cold winters over the hot humid places down south any day. Maybe I will feel differently when I become much older but for now I am happy with the climate I have grown accustomed to.

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