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My grandfather was the only other person in my family who ever really showed a serious interest in music besides me. Unfortunately he passed away before I ever became involved musically, so I have always been a bit of a lone-wolf in my family in terms of hobbies. When I found out that he spent a large amount of his early life working as an apprentice to a violin maker, I too wanted to learn the trade in his memory. I started my own apprenticeship while attending college and have finally made it to the point of opening my own workshop. I bought the building last year, moved into the apartment upstairs, and have been renovating the shop ever since. The HVAC system is the last thing that I have to get done. The upstairs and downstairs always had separate heating and cooling equipment in this building. However, when the previous owner went to have all of the climate control components upgraded, he only got as far as replacing the upstairs furnace and A/C and then removing the old downstairs HVAC system. So now, it is up to me to do the research and shop around for new temperature control equipment for the downstairs. Being that I intend to use the space for violin crafting and storage, the HVAC mainly needs to keep consistent temperature and humidity levels. Whether the thermostat is set cool or warm doesn’t matter as much as having it be constant. It is the fluctuations in temperature that the climate control system needs to prevent.

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zone control and how it works

Does your home have multiple occupants living in it? Then you should look into air conditioning units that incorporate zone control. A heat pump system can be used for zone control or a ductless mini-split air conditioner. Zone control is the ability to regulate the cooling in different rooms of your home. The ductless mini-split air conditioner has an outdoor unit called the compressor and multiple indoor air handlers. You can set up to four different indoor air handlers into your home. Set up a unit in each bedroom of your home. Each person gets their own air handler complete with a thermostat. They can then set how much AC they want in their bedroom. If your son loves to air conditioned and your daughter hates cooling, their rooms can be different temperatures. You can even have the thermostats be smart thermostats that use wifi. They can be operated by your phone and will learn your cooling behaviors. The thermostat then will automatically set your bedroom to the temperature that you want it to be. If you need zone control not for a home, but for a business, look at the multi-split option. Ductless multi-split air conditioners use two outdoor air compressors and it incorporates more indoor air handlers. Tons of offices can have their own AC controlled device complete with a thermostat. Everybody has their own temperature preferences. Most people too have a big opinion when it comes to air conditioning. Ductless split units allows homeowners and office managers to use zone control. It allows them to decide their amount of cooling.

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Dirty feet means dirty floors

My kids tend to get bothered by all the rules I have around the house. I am not a super strict mother or anything like that, I just have a whole lot of pet peeves that I like my family to consider. I always make my kids wash their hands whenever they come in from playing outside because I hate washing grubby finger prints off of the walls. They also have to wash out the sink after they brush their teeth, otherwise the toothpaste dries and crusts to the edges of the sink and I have to scrub it. They often forget to do these things, which frustrates me because I am constantly nagging them. My other big thing is that I hate when the kids walk around with bare feet. They claim that their feet get too warm. I don’t feel this way, I always have socks or slippers on. But, to compromise, I turn the heat down a little to make sure their feet are not too warm to have socks on them. Well actually, I don’t tell them, I just wait until they realize that their feet are colder and they want to put socks on. I don’t love the colder temperature in the home, but it does save me on my energy bills, and my children’s dirty feet are not all over my clean floors.  Now, if only I could figure out ways to trick them into remembering to wash their hands, or clean the sink even! It doesn’t seem as easy as simply changing the settings on the thermostat.

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Nothing is worse than being nervous

Growing up, I’ve always been taught to love my Irish heritage. My family loves to make traditional food, and I was always enrolled in Irish dance classes. My huge family is loud, boisterous and often drunk, but it’s what I am used to and what I have come to love. As I am getting older, I am starting to find things that I don’t love about my Irish heritage. For starters, my skin is so fair. I cannot go out in the sun for 10 minutes without getting a burn, and I always have to wear thick sunscreen. Also, my curly hair gets so frizzy in the heat and humidity. This was not normally an issue growing up in the north, but when I moved to a warmer climate for college, I started to notice these things. I began to realize how dependent I was on air conditioning. Since I cannot be outside as long as most people, I am usually seeking a cool place to go indoors. Also, I can’t do my hair or go out somewhere without air conditioning or else my hair will look like a frizzy mess. I’ve started trying different hair products to help, and I think I am getting close. I don’t want to grow to hate what I come from, so I am slowly but surely learning to live with my white skin and curly hair. Although, I’ve got to say, I am so thankful for air conditioning or else I would not be able to attend college where I do. Most people prefer to be out in the sun, but I love being in the cool, shady indoors.

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Problems with your gas furnace?

If you think about it, a gas furnace is pretty darn destructive. A gas furnace is the most traditional type of heating system for homeowners. On paper it looks quite good. It can be centrally located, run by any type of thermostat and uses ductwork to heat multiple areas of the house. A gas furnace will live about fifteen years with regular HVAC maintenance done to it. The gas furnace needs furnace filters changed about once a month, but other than that, it is good to go. So why is a gas furnace not a good idea to purchase? First think about the ductwork with the system. Not every gas furnace uses ductwork, but the kinds that do are trouble. The ductwork constantly needs maintenance. It either is dirty or damaged. Ductwork is about as fragile as eggshells. It can crack, split and leak air out of your home. This causes the furnace to never turn off and up your monthly energy bills. It also puts more stress on the heating system and will cause it to prematurely break down. What if the gas furnace does not have ductwork? Is it a good system then? No, a gas furnace is still a pain for any homeowner due to the repairs. If you allow your system to go without proper maintenance it gets dusty. The dust ruins the filters, then this causes the unit to overheat. When it overheats the heat exchanger will crack and release carbon monoxide into your home. Additionally once damaged, the system becomes a huge fire risk. The system is more work and risk than it is worth.

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Trying to be the right temperature in a restaurant

On a Saturday afternoon, me and a group of friends went to a barbecue restaurant for lunch. As we waited to be seated, I could smell the mouthwatering meat from afar. After a couple of minutes, the hostess escorted us to our table. We sat down and looked at our menus. All the food on the menu caught my eye. Our waitress came by, and we ordered our drinks, as well as our meals. Everyone knew what they wanted. About five minutes later, our waitress came by and delivered our drink orders. I took up the drink and remember it being so good because—I didn’t think about it at the time—my mouth was parched. I put my hand to my forehead and felt a small amount of sweat. I looked around to look and see if there was an air conditioner somewhere in the restaurant, so they could cool the place down, but, I couldn’t find one. I wondered if they needed to hire a HVAC technician to come out to do an air conditioner repair. It seems that with every minute, the heat filled the room. I looked around and the sight of the fire doesn’t help either. The yellow flames of the fire remind me of being outside in the hot sun. After a couple of minutes of dealing with this, I call over the waitress and ask her about the air conditioning situation. She said that a HVAC technician will come sometime later that day. When I heard her answer, I was glad to hear that someone was going to come to fix the problem, but I was disappointed to find out that he wasn’t coming soon.

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What I think about the hotel business

I have two poodles and live in a warm climate year round, which makes it difficult to ensure that they are kept at a cool enough temperature to live their lives fully. Temperatures can rise over 100 degrees in the summer, but I do not have the option to stay with my pets during the day. I often worry about their safety when no one is at home to watch them, because the temperature in the house can rise significantly, even with a good air conditioner. It would be nice to be able to monitor the thermostat while at work or while I am running errands in the summer. Although the threat of high temperatures is not as high in homes as it is in cars, it still exists and can lead to health problems for my pets. The only way to ensure my pets’ comfort in the transition from spring to summer is to have the ability to update the temperature while I am away from home for hours at a time. A smart thermostat would allow me to have more freedom to comfortably stay away from the house for as many hours as I do during cooler months. It would give me more peace of mind about my dogs. I also share my home with a roommate, who likes to keep the air conditioner off as much as possible to keep the energy bills low. I have come home more than once to see my dogs lying on the tile in the kitchen to get cool while their water bowl is empty and they are dehydrated. If I am able to change the temperature in the house back to a reasonable temperature after my roommate leaves, I will have more control over my pets’ safety.

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Cooling the whole class off

I started drinking coffee on a regular basis when I was in middle school. I am now much older and have a steady habit of drinking a cup of coffee with my breakfast and a cup of coffee on my way to work. This habit pays off in the winter, but it is torture in the summer. I try to stay in air conditioning as much as I can during the summer, because the coffee alone keeps me warm. Because nature does not come with an HVAC system I can adjust, I cannot finish my coffee on the way into work without sweating. Any coffee I cannot finish during my commute has to stay in my thermos until I am across the parking lot. The air conditioning in my office building is very nice, but it doesn’t cool me down very quickly when I am drinking coffee. I usually end up waiting until I am completely cooled down to try and drink the rest of my coffee, but I have lost my appetite for it by then. I have tried to drink iced-coffee before, but something just doesn’t seem right about ice in coffee. Maybe it is because I associate ice with carbonated drinks. Whatever the reason is, I need to invent a good blend of iced-coffee. I do not want my craving for coffee to keep me sweating beneath a strong sun in the summertime any longer. I want to look and feel professional when I walk into work every day.

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Saving on those energy bills

I have lived in the South for the majority of my life, and I currently attend college here. However, I can’t stand the hot summers and still warm winters. It isn’t fair that we have to keep the air conditioners running throughout the year. Aside from those homeowners who have a well-maintained HVAC system, I am convinced that electric companies make more money in the South than they do in the North. This is why I made the decision that I will transfer to a school in the Northeast as soon as my finances allow me to. The only requirement is that the apartment I move into has a working fireplace and big windows. I want to be able to enjoy a warm fire in the winter after a long day at school and work. I figure that when I successfully learn how to start a fire, I don’t have to work the furnace as hard. I also know that the Northeast does not experience spring and summer like we do in the South. When I leave the door even slightly cracked, I have to expect mosquitos to bite me for days. The school I plan on transferring to is located in an urban area, so I can leave the windows open as wide as I want for a breeze without having to worry about mosquitos. I cannot wait to move. I have been working as much as my work allows, because the faster I save the faster I can move. Once I get up there, I anticipate I will not have to worry about the heating and cooling component of my electric bill as much, because the cooler climate alone will help me save.

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Noticing the hot air outside

A few years ago, I picked up yoga in order to get into shape. I started off in a community college class, and liked it so much that I started paying for classes at a local studio. I’ve experimented with a few different places, and while I’ve decided that I definitely am not the kind of person to go for hot yoga, nothing compared to one studio that I went to. When I first walked in, I was surprised by the cold. I figured they were trying to compensate for the heat outside, and shrugged it off. But when I changed and got into the main studio, I was immediately shivering. I had goosebumps, and wished that I had brought a sweatshirt along. The instructor came in and got started without a word about the cold, so I guessed that it was normal for this place to be so cold. My muscles felt so tight that I could barely stretch the way I needed to. I felt my hands get stiff, knuckles popping, and they were practically blue after only a few minutes into the hour. I was determined to get through it, however miserable it was. At one point, we laid down on our backs, and I saw that I was directly underneath an air vent as well. I wanted to move, but the place was so packed that there was nowhere else to go. When I left, the hot air outside felt like sinking into a warm bath. I decided then that I wouldn’t go anywhere without an even level of climate control. Worst came to worst, I could probably just bring a space heater along.

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