Starting over

I have lived in the same house, in the same town on the same street for the last ten years. I am ready for a change. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and a move should help me feel like myself again. The house market is not all that bad and I think I should be able to sell my home and find a new one fairly quickly. Fortunately I work from home so finding a new job won’t be an issue. I will just need to update my information with human resources once I find a new place and get settled in. I have even thought about renting, then any home improvements and upkeep is not my responsibility.Then again renting is very limiting as well, you pay all this money and in the end you have nothing to show for it. I know that in my new home I have to have a home heating and cooling unit. A new home also means home improvements! I would only cool my old home with fans and opening the windows. In the winter my clunky old furnace would some what do the trick but it was also loud and troublesome. I can not wait to find a new place with a new HVAC system, just the thought of being able to control the temperature in my entire house by hitting a few buttons has me anxious to sell this old place and move into my new one. Tonight I will start my online search, while sitting in front of the fan of course.

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HVAC at the mall

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to shop. The problem with that when you are younger, however, is you are not legally allowed to drive to stores by yourself. Also, most young people do not have a big fortune to spend. As a kid, a wish would be to have a parent who is willing to drive you to several stores and buy everything you like. That’s one of the reasons I always looked forward to back to school shopping. My mom would load us all into the car and drive to the neighborhood mall. Once we were there, she would buy us all new clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year. I look back on those times fondly and so many of them are great memories for me. While I still love shopping to this very day, I recently had a horrible experience at the mall. As luck would have it, the cooling equipment in the mall that day was not working.  As luck would have it, it was the same exact day I wanted to go on a shopping spree. I had all this money just burning a hole in my pocket. I could not wait to spend it all and get myself some cool new stuff. However, that whole day just dragged on forever as the air conditioning was not working in the least bit. I am used to shopping in the mall when the HVAC equipment is in good working order. When it was obviously failing all that day, I was sweating profusely in almost every single store I visited. It was absolutely brutal. I ended up leaving earlier than I ever wanted to, and  decided to go eat ice cream to cool off a bit.

Shopping and HVAC

For as long as I can remember, I have loved shopping. The problem when you are younger, though, is that you cannot drive to stores by yourself. Also, most kids do not have tons of money to spend on themselves. As a kid, your only wish is that a parent can drive you somewhere and also buy you some stuff. That is why I always loved school shopping. My mom would load us into the car and drive to the nearest mall. Once we were there, she would buy us all of these new clothes to wear to school that year. I look back on those times fondly and some of them are great memories for me. While I still love shopping to this very day, I recently had a horrible experience at the mall. As luck would have it, the cooling equipment in that place shut down the same exact day I decided to go on a shopping spree. I had all of this money just burning a hole in my pocket. I could not way to spend it and go get myself some new attire. However, that whole day just dragged on forever as the air conditioning was not working in the least bit. I am used to shopping at the mall when the HVAC equipment is in good working order. When it was failing that day, I was sweating profusely in almost every single store I was in. It was absolutely brutal. We ended up leaving earlier than we wanted to go eat ice cream and cool off a bit.

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A civil war nerd

Owning a ton of civil war artifacts is something that I am very proud of. My friends pick on me and call me museum man, but I know it is just good natured joking around. I think they all enjoy the artifacts too. I started collecting them when I was just a high schooler. The first one my grandfather actually gave to me. It was a hat that his grandfather brought home from the battlefield. It was already mounted in a display case and everything. Just like that, I was hooked. About three years ago, my house really took on museum status though, when I went out of my way to have an HVAC system designed, mainly around my artifacts. Sure it is nice to have state of the art climate control capabilities, simply on the basis of personal enjoyment and comfort, but the heating and cooling equipment I had installed puts some actual museums to shame. One of the main parts is the HVAC zone control feature, which allows me to separately control the three rooms that all the artifacts are in. The humidity and temperature control are always on and closely monitored in those rooms. The thermostats for the rooms are controlled by one universal remote. I keep the HVAC set differently in each room, according with what is stored inside. Most of the time though the air conditioner, air purifier, and humidity control are running. Regardless of whether it’s paper documents, fabric articles, or wood and metal, heating is never really necessary. Cool via A/C is usually the way to go.


Getting married

I am getting married soon and I can’t wait. Do not get me wrong I love my fiance a lot and I am excited for our life together. But I cannot wait for the wedding to be over. I have heard nothing about the wedding for months now. I am the man so I only care how much the bill is going to be. The color of the flowers, the dinner or even the DJ do not concern me. I do not care if her cousin is pregnant and will look bad in the bridesmaid dress. I do not care if her brother is our only vegetarian and refuses to eat any of the dinner options. I just want to get in and out with as little of pain as possible. What I am now in charge of is the HVAC at our reception. My fiance picked the place because it is really old and has a bunch of paintings around. I personally thought it looked like a dump, but I did not really care. Anyway we got a call from the building owner that the AC in the building is not working. They are hoping to have a HVAC technician come in to repair it the morning of our wedding. My fiance is worried that we will not have air conditioning for our summer wedding. I am now in charge of calling the building and ensuring that it will be fixed. I also will have to be on the technician’s butt to leave right away so we can set everything up for our wedding.

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Air conditioning during the night

I have been waking up with pains in my neck after a long night of sleep. I thought at first I was just sleeping weird. I work odd hours for my job. I work as the night guard of an office building. I watch over the building and let the workers in and out. It is not a bad job. It is very relaxing and I do crossword puzzles most of the time. The issue is that I have to be alert at like three in the morning. I then sleep during the daylight hours. My sleeping is very irregular and odd, which is what I thought was causing the pains. I then woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I was cold. I leave my AC on when I go to bed. Since I sleep during the day it gets really hot in my room. I turn on the cooling system and turn it off when I wake up. By the time I have woken up it is dark outside and the temperatures have dropped. I realized that my bedroom temperature just lowers while I am sleeping. Then my body gets cold and I think that I tense up when I am cold. I think the air conditioner is what is causing my neck and back pains. I think what I will do is set my system to turn on while I am sleeping. I then will have to set an alarm to wake up to turn off the unit. I only have to do this for a few days and then my smart thermostat will learn to turn off on its own.


Not living in a trailer

I do not know what is the deal with my boyfriend and a trailer. My boyfriend is determined to put the two of us in a trailer. I know he likes to save money and basically pack it all away. His grand plan is to be a millionaire when he retires. My point is that we might as well enjoy the money while we are able to do things. I do not want to be in my seventies and not able to enjoy the money. My boyfriend will not be swayed though, he looks for the cheapest option on everything. Rather than buy a home, he wants a trailer. He thinks he can pack me away in a small trailer. I have demands and needs though. I like having my own space and bedroom. We also need our privacy. We would drive each other crazy if we were packed away in a tight space. We argue and have opposite opinions on everything. He is the neat freak and I am the slob. He loves to listen to music all day long and I love the quiet. I love the heat and he loves the cold. I always want to turn on the furnace and be warm. He is constantly begging to turn on the air conditioning. We right now live in separate apartments. This works well for us since we can just alter the temperature once the other one leaves. If we lived in a small space, HVAC would be something we argue about all day long. The trailer could not accommodate zone control either.


Living at home

I am single and in my twenties. I graduated college a long time ago and get a job in my hometown. My work is about two minutes away from my childhood home. It made no sense to get a place of my own. So now I live at home, work a local job and spend most evenings with my parents. I do not have any friends anymore. They all moved away from me or we lost touch. Now my best friend is my mother and father. Friday night should be a night of alcohol and partying. Instead on friday what I do is hang out with my parents. It should be depressing but I am really excited for my friday night. My mother and I are going to order ahead for our favorite pizza. My father will get us chip and dip. We then are going to watch a movie on the family couch together. I love evenings like this. Instead of freezing to death in a skimpy outfit at the bar, I am comfortable. The furnace is warm and it heats my house to the right temperature. The heating system makes the whole area comfortable and I can wear my pajamas. I do not have to do my hair or my makeup. I can just enjoy superior company, heating, food and environment. Why would I ever want to leave? I have no expenses and I get all my needs taken care of by my family. It is such a great setup for me and my parents. We all are together and enjoying each other’s company.

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Learning from my dog

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a strong respect for animals. Early on, I had the idea that dogs might actually be smarter than humans, that they just had different priorities and ways of looking at the world that we could not wrap our heads around. I had more faith in this idea when I was a child, but fragments of that reasoning still hold now in my adult life. I still live with dogs, and I think it’s important to make the distinction that I live with them, and that I do not own them. I think of them as family. I benefit from their company, and they benefit from mine. My thinking on climate control was actually turned upside down by a perspective I learned from my dog. Usually the air conditioner stays on for my pooch buddy while I am away at work. I realize that the HVAC system may not be something that a lot of people factor into their dog’s needs, but I like the A/C on when I’m home, and I like to make sure my buddy has all the same comforts. So when the thermostat crossed my mind early on in my work day recently and I realized I forgot to set the air conditioning, my stomach dropped. After racing home after work, the lack of air conditioning was painfully obvious. My dog however was happily lying on the cool kitchen tiles. The HVAC system being off didn’t faze him at all; he just adapted. Ever since I have been inspired to use the A/C much less.

Airplanes that are freezing cold

Three weeks from now, I am heading off on a tropical vacation for fourteen days.  I have rented a condo on the beach, and I’m going to relax and enjoy myself.  I am so excited to escape all the stress and responsibilities of my everyday life.  I am not eager to travel on an airplane for twelve hours.  The flight will be a long and horrible nightmare.  Whenever I fly on an airplane, I end up with a terrible headache, and I often get sick.  I am convinced that it is a combination of the temperature and air quality.  I have no idea what type of heating, cooling, and ventilation system is used on a plane.  It’s not like they can install a whole duct system with a forced air HVAC unit.  They certainly can’t install a boiler or a heat pump.  However they manage the temperature control, the system doesn’t work very well.  I always pack a jacket to wear while I am traveling on an airplane.  I just can’t get warm enough.  They have those ridiculous little vents overhead that can be adjusted to blow more freezing cold air at the top of my head.  If I complain about being too cold, the stewardess offers a blanket that feels like a paper towel.  I would like to have some type of temperature control in the seat.  Each person would then be able to adjust the temperature to their liking.  I would crank up the heat, so that my seat would be toasty warm.  If my butt were sitting in a heated seat, I would be much happier.

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