My favorite part of the summer is going away to camp. I love being outdoors and surrounded by nature. Not only is it great to disconnect from the world, but also being surrounded by my friends I have made over the years. Camp friends are different than your friends you get to see everyday. There is only a select amount of time you get to see these people, and you have to cherish every moment. This year I decided to stay at camp for a whole month, I normally only stay for about a week and a half. However, I really wanted the extra time to hangout with my friends. Everyday we get to go on a new adventure and I get to experience something new and exciting. We went swimming in a lake, rode horses and even jump down a waterfall. There is one downside to being at camp for so long though. In the hot and muggy climate it is hard to not have a HVAC unit. Honestly, there is not one in the whole camp. We are all asked to bring our own standing fan in order to say cool. However, that only works so well in the dead heat of the summer. Every night is a different story with bugs and sweat while we’re trying to go to bed. I have never been happier when I returned home and had my air conditioning working. I sat in front of the HVAC unit for over three hours one day, just because I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have air conditioning.

HVAC equipment 

Dehydration on the beach

Like most other people, I did quite a few stupid things while in college. Whether it was getting in trouble from sneaking into the girls’ dorms or spray painting peace signs on the college of liberal arts, I was usually a little drunk to be so stupid. I was definitely more than a little drunk when I decided to skip sophomore finals week to go partying in Brazil. The beaches and babes there were absolutely stunning, and it definitely beat studying in a simple air conditioned library. I would have given up everything to stay in there for all my life, the hot beaches during the day and cool, air conditioned nightclubs during the evening were enough to forever captivated my attention. This foolish dream getaway of mine was cut a little short one day when I had way too much to drink while sunbathing on the beach. I drank so much that I got dehydrated, then fell asleep for a few hours in the blazing hot sun, with no HVAC unit nearby to keep me cool at all. I ended up going into a coma from heat stroke, and was flown back to the States immediately. I didn’t wake up for over two weeks, and the first thing I noticed when waking up was how cool the air conditioner was set to in the hospital. My parents were there too, and they had more than a little to say about how stupid and reckless I was being. I just told them that I was tired so I could go back to sleep and enjoy having the nice air conditioner bathing my skin in cool air. HVAC

The struggles of my job

I’m not a huge fan of the whole “workforce” concept. My philosophy in life is that we should all just share goods and services. If someone needs food, people give them food. Simple as that! But alas, that is hardly how the works nowadays. It’s absolutely impossible to be able to live life without having some sort of job, which means I have to compromise my cherished ideals. It’s not absolutely terrible though. I try to take on jobs that don’t require much work. I’ve had a few jobs that were like that but nothing stuck with me more than the thought of being an ice cream van driver. Just think about it, eating ice cream all the time in the summer, driving along the beach, having a cool HVAC system being blasted all you. I am so happy that I got a job with such a fantastic HVAC system. I never overheat while on the job thanks to this trusty temperature control system. That’s not to say that this HVAC plentiful job doesn’t have its drawbacks. The biggest downside that it is still a job. That I have to show up for. Everyday. That part really sucks but honestly I wouldn’t being too much else besides eating alfredo in my air conditioned apartment while watching sitcoms. And really there isn’t any rule against watching sitcoms while on the job right? I can watch my favorites while selling ice cream, eating ice cream, and sitting in front of the HVAC system while on break. Heck, I could probably get away with watching my sitcoms while driving the van itself!

HVAC repair service 

Cranking the heater

Just recently there was a huge storm in the town that I grew up in.  So bad that there was a no travel warning going around for a few hours.  I was visiting my parents so it really got in the way of my travels.  Within just a couple of hours we had gotten about a foot of snow.  By the time I wanted to leave to head back to school there was snow all the way up to my side view mirrors.  My father and boyfriend spent 20 minutes trying to dig my car out of the snow and then shoveling a path for my tires to get out of the driveway.  While watching them do this the only thing I could think about was how much I love that my car only takes minutes to heat up.  If I have my dad start the car right after he and my boyfriend are done shoveling then I will only have to wait about ten minutes for it to be toasty warm inside.  When the time came for me to actually leave, packing the car was unbearable.  I felt like I had frostbite just from being outside for such a short time.  Getting into my car was the best feeling, I turned my heater up all the way and drove with one hand on the wheel and one hand in front of the vent to warm up.  One thing I did wish I had within my car was the heated seats that my mom has.  That way my whole body could get warm just from sitting in my seat.

central heater 

Cleaning the HVAC system

College classes can be such a bore. Especially when the teacher is monotone and teaching something highly irrelevant. In my senior year of college, I was forced to take Biopsychology, which in short is Behavioral Neuroscience. Looking back on the situation, it probably would have been a pretty interesting class if I had followed along and did the homework. However, my D- was good enough for me and the most minimal effort was put forth. I really never went to class, but this was not my fault. I would like to blame it on the people who constructed the classrooms. The HVAC technicians perhaps. I like to sit in the back of the classroom – easy exit and large crowds scare me so I alway need a quick escape. The spot I got stuck sitting in the first week was torture and we had assigned seats so I could not do anything about it. The reason it was so bad was because of the floor vent directly below my seat. Anytime I needed to read or write or look down for any reason, this stream of hot furnace air would blow in my face. At first, I thought it was great. Kept me warm, made me very relaxed, but then it started to put me to sleep. Hot air blowing in your face for an extended amount of time is unhealthy, as well as really bad for your eyes. They became extremely dry and bright red and it was hard for me to even concentrate on my work. When I tried to take notes, the HVAC unit would be blowing my papers everywhere and my notes would be all screwed up. My teacher didn’t buy my excuse and refused to move me – so what was I to do? Not go to class and get a D- I suppose. But it wasn’t my fault – it was the HVAC system!

Telling my boss about radiant flooring

I am not a religious person and I have not been raised to be. My grandparents on my father’s side go to church every sunday and are very religious. I am an atheist which means I do not believe in any higher power. Being an atheist is like being prematurely bald. It is obvious once it is pointed out, but you do not want people to know. Nobody is ever going to be pleased after hearing it. I try to keep it a secret because most people judge me for it. I was at work the other day and my boss randomly asked me if I went to church. I had to tell him no and he pressured me into telling him I was an atheist. Of course my boss goes to church regularly and has a brother who is a pastor. I immediately could tell that my boss liked me a little bit less that day. I knew I needed to redeem myself so I was trying to connect with him anyway I could. I heard him talking the other day about his hydronic radiant flooring. I got excited because I recently had a HVAC technician install electric radiant flooring in my home. I immediately started asking him questions about his new heating system. I wanted to talk about his heating system uses a boiler to heat water. I wanted to tell him all about the money he was saving on his heat bill. Apparently my radiant flooring knowledge was not impressive to him. I still feel like the guy hates me over not going to church.

heating system

A construction worker that does not want AC

Working in construction is not the best of jobs. I do think I have the perfect mind for construction though. I can handle the heat and the cold. Most of the time though, most construction jobs are outdoors in the summer heat. The heat doesn’t bother me too bad. I take off my shirt and I get to work on the roof, garage or whatever the homeowner wants. The main issue I have is changing temperatures. Occasionally you need to discuss options with the homeowner on their project. Most people do not like to talk outside in the summer heat. This means that I work in the heat and work up a sweat, then I go into the air conditioning. I like AC when I go to the movies or maybe even out to dinner. When I am working outside, I do not like to get blasted by the cooling system. I feel like drastically changing temperatures ruins my body. My body adapts to the indoor cooler temperature while I am talking to the customer. Then after the conversation I have to go back outside. The outside air feels so much hotter and I have less of a tolerance. I would have rather not experienced air conditioning. It would have been better for me. My body is shocked at getting blasted with the suns rays and it is uncomfortable. Getting back into the swing of work takes that much longer and I am that much more irritated. I like the A/C but I think for working purposes, I will stay outside.

Heading to my lake house

My favorite time of year is always when I get to come home after finals in the spring time and not have to worry about anything but when my next shift was.  I had done so well this past semester that I decided to give myself a week of in the summer from work and hang out at my lake house all week.  My lake house is basically a house with four walls two bedrooms and small bathroom and tiny kitchen.  Its very small for a big family like mine but all the land around it is well worth being squished inside.  When the week of my small vacation came I was so happy. It was going to be the perfect time to relax and read a book.  When I arrived a set the thermostat so the air was on low.  It was going to be hot that week so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable.  However, my perfect little vacation ended up turning into the week from hell.  It started getting hotter and hotter during the days and it resulted in me turning the air on all the way.  My parents failed to mention to me that if I turn the air conditioning on too high that it might burn up and stop working.  I figured this out at 4 in the morning when I woke up in a puddle of sweat.  As soon as I realized what had happened I called the technicians number on the side of the air conditioner and he came right out to tell me what to do.  After four hours of checking everything out he finally told me that I needed to buy a whole new HVAC system.

After you first move. .

I just moved into my new apartment and everything seemed great. It is a spacious studio with lots of closet space. I am right near the beach and the neighbors are really nice and keep to themselves. I am trying to figure out how to decorate it but I keep running into this irritating problem. The HVAC system is really old, and clunky. There is a big heater on the floor of the apartment that wraps all the way around. I can hear it turn on and it sounds like someone is banging on metal pipes when it is running. There is no escaping it. I try to put in earplugs at night but I can even hear it with them stuffed in my ears. I decided to call my landlord to come and fix the issue today but they told me they are busy all week. I am not sure how to proceed because it is enough to drive someone insane. I am too embarrassed to have friends over because they complain the entire time they are here. On the first night, I wasn’t aware that the heater was loud, and I thought someone was trying to break in. I cried the entire night. It was terrifying and there really is no coming back from that. My mom told me I should just move home but I don’t have the funds to break a lease. Maybe I will continue to harass the landlord to fix this HVAC unit and if she doesn’t I will threaten to sue. No one wants a lawsuit on their hands.

heating unit

Needing a new HVAC system

Today on my way to work I drove passed the local HVAC company.  I have heard a lot about this company from my coworkers, television commercials, and newspaper ads.  Everytime I hear about them I always think to myself that I have to call them.  My husband and I recently moved into a house, that was new to us.  It was an older house that we were trying to update slowly but surely.  One of our first tasks was the HVAC unit.  I wanted to make sure that it is up to date and we are not throwing money out the window on our monthly heating and cooling bills.  When I arrived at work I immediately called them and set up an appointment.  I spoke with them and told them what I knew about the HVAC system and the house.  He will be coming to our house this weekend.  I hope that he tells me that there are a few things we can do to save on our monthly bill.  I am also going to talk to him about coming to service our HVAC unit every spring and fall as the experts advise all homeowners do. I have heard that getting the whole unit serviced twice a year will ensure temperature control throughout the whole year and eliminates most of the large costs associated with fixing the unit.  Since my husband have some extra money now to fix things like this, I want to get all the initial costs out of the way and have the comfort of knowing we have an efficient HVAC system.  Like I said, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this company so I am really looking forward to this.

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