Teaching all day at the wrong temperature

I feel like a real teacher now because of my field placement. I am student teaching this semester in college and I have been teaching quite a bit. I started out just teaching science to the students. Now I have moved onto math and reading. I am teaching a full day now and I will be doing it for three weeks straight. It makes the day go by quickly for me when I teach a lot. The only downside is that I do not have time to do anything. I am behind on work for my part time job. I also do not have enough time to drink water. I spend most of my day with a headache now because I am dehydrated. It is also difficult to be the right temperature. I start out my day bright and early wearing a jacket. After the day goes on the temperature rises a bit and I get warmer. I move from classroom to classroom though. I do not have anywhere to take off my jacket. I have now been too hot too many days in a row. The classrooms must be blasting their heating systems due to the cold temperatures outside. I would have preferred less heating and more cooling. I am active and moving around a lot. I do not need the HVAC system to work so hard for my day. I also think it would be a good idea for the students to be a little cold in the room to keep focus. I really need to check out the temperature on the thermostat.

Advancements in HVAC

Everything in life is advancing and getting better. Technology is especially improving. I know that I have one of the first ipads released. My ipad is so much slower and not as smart as the other ipads. Technology with computers, music and movies are improving steadily. HVAC units are also improving with time. A lot of people are not aware of the advancements out there. It used to be a select few heating and cooling systems. Not anymore, there are tons of options. For heating you can get a furnace still but there are many types. There are gas, electric and oil furnace that contain different capabilities. Additionally the gas furnace can be used as a dual fuel system. The gas furnace connects with a heat pump system to heat and cool your home. It works for colder climates that want to use an energy efficient heat pump unit. Additionally a boiler system can be a steam or hot water one. Both types of boiler can live over fifty years and completely heat a small home or larger building. The boiler also can be used as a hot water tank and heat your home’s water or even your family swimming pool. There are numerous capabilities with a boiler system. In cooling, air conditioners do not need to use ductwork anymore. There are ductless options that can be used for zone control. Also the thermostats with the units can be hooked with your iphone. The smart thermostat also tells you filter changes and humidity levels. Keep in mind all of these advancements. HVAC installer

Getting a tax break on the heater

I do not do my taxes and I plan to never do them. I do not consider myself a feminist or a strong woman. That is alright with me, I like having a man take care of me. Right now my father handles all my major finances. He then presents me with a bill that I pay. It works for us since I know I could not personally do it. He fixes my car, does my insurance and handles my taxes. My goal is to then pass those jobs onto my future husband. Taxes is something I never want to learn. I did hear something about taxes the other day though. I heard that your HVAC unit can give you a tax break. Basically what you need to do is prove you are making your house environmentally friendly. Some people put solar panels on their house to use as almost a heating system. This reduces their gas use and gives them a tax break. I also know that geothermal heat pumps can provide a tax break as well. Apparently you can save money because it is an environmentally friendly system. A geothermal heat pump is a heating and cooling system for your home. The heat pump system is under your ground about fifty feet. It uses the heat from under your ground to heat your home. It also can use the ground temperature in the summer to cool your home. If you invest in this system you save money on every heat payment and get a tax break. I may have some of the details wrong, but I know you can save money.

Realizing my air conditioner is broken

My husband and i decided to take a road trip.  We live in the far northern part of the country, and we’d had enough of the cold weather.  At the end of February, the outside temperature was right around ten degrees, and it was snowing every single day.  There was no opportunity to spend time outside in the fresh air.  We were constantly trapped inside, at work or at home, with the furnace running nonstop.  We took a month off from work, packed up my husband’s truck and headed south.  For our first entire day of driving, we had the heater on at full blast and the windows rolled up tight.  We wore our winter coats and boots.  By the second day, we were able to open the windows and take our coats off.  By the third day, we decided to roll the windows back up and start the air conditioner.  That’s when we figured out that the air conditioner in the truck did not work at all.  We stripped down to shorts and T-shirts, kept all the windows wide open, and still had sweat running down our faces.  It was very uncomfortable in that truck.  We were no longer interested in the sites along the way.  We were only concerned with finding a hotel each night that featured a proper cooling system.  We finally decided that the lack of air conditioning was ruining our road trip.  We set aside a day to leave the truck at a garage and have the cooling system repaired.  Thankfully, it only took a few hours and we were back on the road again.

Traveling from the cold weather up north

I am on vacation for a week.  I live up north, where the winter weather is cold and miserable, so I was extremely excited to head south.  I suffered through a whole day of driving and flying to finally make it to my destination.  By the time arrived, it was three in the morning.  I was exhausted.  I checked into my hotel and went right to bed.  I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the outside weather at all.  I had gotten up that morning to super cold weather, and was forced to run the heater.  I wore long pants and my winter coat.  I shivered in the airport and on the airplane.  Then, when I finally made it to my hotel, the air conditioner was running.  It was quite strange to exchange a heater running at maximum capacity with an air conditioner running at full blast in one day.  I couldn’t quite get used to it.  I was huddled under the covers in my bed, tempted to turn off the air conditioner.  I wondered if my hotel room even offered a heating system.  The outside temperature in the area rarely drops below sixty degrees.  I was excited to get up in the morning, and head outside.  It was so nice to leave my winter coat in the hotel room.  I spent my whole day, out on the beach, in the sunshine.  By the end of the day, I was ready for the air conditioning.  I got a bit of a sunburn and the cold air felt heavenly.  I slept on top of the covers, with the air conditioner pouring over me.

HVAC products 

Air duct renovations

I am a guy who likes to work with his hands. Some guys can sit in an office chair all day and plug numbers into a computer, but that is just not me. I would go nuts if I had to do that. I am a carpenter and I make pieces for homeowners as well as business owners. I have been working in a wood shop since I was 16 and I have enjoyed every second of it. Because I enjoy doing carpentry, I figured I could handle a host of renovations on a house I had bought a few months ago. I was going to do some drywall, put in some new floors and slab on new paint. Well, I got a tad over my head when I realized the existing ductwork in my house was no longer a viable option to keep using. It was imperative that I figure this problem out because a house with no HVAC equipment is good for nothing. I heavily considered doing the replacement myself, but I made the wise decision and consulted a local HVAC company instead. I am glad that I did. There was no way I was ready to assemble and install air ducts because I had little to no experience in this sort of work. It would have been a massive mistake on my part had I decided to get up on that ladder and start tearing into things. Now a few months later, my heating and cooling system works great and I could not be happier.

HVAC tune-up